Brahmarakshas 2 26th December 2020 Written Update: Angad saves Kalindi’s life

Brahmarakshas 2 26th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Angad caring for Kalindi’s wound. Vardhan sees them and turns brahmarakshas. Angad compares Uma with statue of liberty, he says she doesn’t react when she is engaged, she doesn’t react when her marriage is fixed. She should express herself and react if its wrong. They hear sound and stand up to see Vardhan behind. Angad asks Vardhan what is he doing here. Vardhan shouts for Menaka, they all go on searching for Menaka.

Paridhi, Sakshi, Sid are also searching, Paridhi says her pedicure is getting spoiled, they will go home and save themselves, demon wouldn’t have spared Menaka. Shakti, Damini, Robin are also searching for Menaka, Damini says her saree is getting spoiled. Prithvi, Vikram, Shalini and others are also searching for Menaka. Angad, Kalindi, Vardhan come near temple, Vardhan says if they search for Menaka together, it will take lot of time, he asks them to search inside temple, he will search outside and goes away.

Kalindi hears a sound from temple, her father is calling her. She touches a pillar and her father touches pillar from other side. She hears Menaka is found and comes out. Everyone gather around Menaka and asks her about brahmarakshas, Vardhan thinks he already wiped out brahmarakshas memories from Menaka’s mind using his powers, now she won’t tell anything. Shalini says they will go home and talk to Menaka, her condition is bad now.

Vardhan is going to hospital where Madan is in. He ended family’s doubt on him, now he should kill Madan. He asks receptionist room number of coma patient Madan. Receptionist says only family members are given such information. Vardhan makes pen box fall down using his power, she bends down to take it and Vardhan sees Madan room number in register. He disguises as doctor and finds that Madan is shifted to another critic care unit. Gehna calls Vardhan and says they have to go Kalindi’s place to give Shagun. Vardhan thinks he will deal with Madan some other time. Angad takes Madan to a new place, Madan strongly says Vardhan planned big to hide his truth, but he is surely brahmarakshas.

Shalini is happy as Gehna brought lot of jewelry. Kalindi takes Gehna’s blessings on Shalini’s saying. Gehna asks why is she not looking happy, Shalini says Uma is reserved kind of girl, she will learn to smile staying with them after marriage.

Minty talks to Kalindi about her marriage, Kalindi unknowingly talks about Angad and not Vardhan.

Shalini shows the bangles given by Gehna to Prithvi, he tells her to make it a habit of playing with such jewelry. He says Vardhan loves gifting cars, he will gift one car to Vardhan which will kill Kalindi. Shalini dreams of going to London.

Kalindi dreams of Vardhan turning brahmarakshas, she wakes up in fear, Prithvi, Shalini wish her happy birthday. Minty says her sister is simple and she doesn’t like surprises.

Kalindi goes to meet Angad, Robin talks to her, Shakti comes and scolds Robin and apologizes Kalindi. She says let Angad rest, his life changed after coming to India.

Madan told Angad to find kanjar by digging into forest land near temple, it can kill brahmarakshas. Angad is digging mud near temple, Kalindi’s father hears sound and says he knows they are searching for kanjar and tells to keep digging till they find it. Angad finds kanjar.

Gehna tells Vardhan that finally the day they have been waiting since 16 years came, this night will be very long. He says he is nothing without her, he got this human body because of her, otherwise he would still be roaming in jungle.

Kalindi gets ready as bride, Shalini comes and asks why she put so much jewelry. Nowadays, robbers stop cars and take all jewelry by putting knife. Kalindi removes jewelry and Shalini takes them thinking she will anyway die in few minutes, why jewelry to go waste with dead body. Kalindi is about to sit in car, Shalini stops her and says there’s a special car for her. Shalini, Prithvi take Kalindi with them, after some time car stops and they go out to push the car, they tell Kalindi to sit in the car, car suddenly starts moving and brakes failed, Kalindi shouts for help. Kalindi falls from top and holds a tree branch.

Gehna hangs Prithvi upside down and scolds him and Shalini for trying to kill Kalindi. They act innocent but Gehna asks if they haven’t identified her, she is same tantrik’s wife 16 years ago. She wants to kill them but spared as they have to do Kalindi’s kanyadaan.

Angad saves Kalindi, brahmarakshas comes and hits Angad, Kalindi faints but rakshas holds her from falling down.

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