Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8th January 2021 Written Update: Somu won the 7th task

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Day 96 at 8.30 Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts wake up and start dance for the song ” let me sing a kutty song” and greeted each other

At 11.35 Bala Nilaiyil pirayel. Bala gives to Aari reasoning he always used to give good thoughts to people. Rio gives to Aari for the same reason. Aari gives to Gabby reasoning to take a good decision. Gabby gives to Somu reasoning he didn’t use the previous days and now using it. Shivani gives to Bala for his bouncing back days. Ramya to Rio reasoning she thinks he create an good position in the house hope he will continue it till final. Aari and Gabby has same votes. Gabby got the huge votes.

At 11.50 Vanjakam pesel. Gabby saying that he used to talk many favouritism. Aari gives to Bala and Ramya to Bala. Ramya interrupt him so he ask her to shut up she shouln’t interrupt while nominating its in rule. Bala gives to Aari reasoning he felt that he using harsh words to describe all. Shivani to Aar.

At 12.05 Solvathu therinthu sol. Bala gives to Rio. Reasing he is saying short reason its confusing others. Shivani to Rio for same reason. Aari to Rio. Rio to Aari. Ramya to Rio.

At 12.20 Kolkkai kondu vaal. Ramya gives to Somu, Bala gives to Somu,Rio to Somu, Shivani to Somu and Aari to Somu reasoning he used to see partiality here.

At 12.30 serkunju sinamum. Sirumayum illar perukkum orumitha neerthu. Aari is explaining its. Bala gives to Aari reasoning his way of game and thoughts. Ramya gives to Aari. Rio , Gabby, Shivani, Aari gives to Bala reasoning his character is superiority conflex. Bala accept it.

At 1pm. Keduppathu sorvu. Aari gives to Somu. Reasoning he used his caller task as favouritism. Bala saying to them that he and Aari didn’t played safe game in this house and gave their 90% effort may their point of view is different but genuine in the game. They didn’t played safe game that’s why we got this much negativity here. He is also affected by this. Gabby and Rio gives to Bala. Ramya gives to Aari.

At.1.20 Whom talking about others behind back. Rio gives to Ramya, Bala gives to Ramya, Gabby gives to Ramya, Aari gives to Ramya. Ramya gives to Aari.

At 1.30 Nirayai kooru. Aari gives to Ramya reasoning she takes care of all plants. Bala gives to Aari reasoning he never fails to appreciate all. Rio, Gabby and Shivani gives to Aari.

At 1.50 Rio sitting there sad. Aari saying to him that he understand why did he sitting like this because of Bala words. Don’t mind him because he think about the points that’s why he calculated it and blame all. He has no character to accept his mistakes.

At 2 Otturmayayal valimai. Aari gives to Rio reasoning he never fails to support his friends. Gabby, Shivani, Somu and Ramya gives to Rio. Bala gives to Shivani for being with him always. Rio accepted it.

At 2.15 Manathil ninaithathu niraverum. Rio gives to Gabby reasoning her carrier going in good path. Somu gives to Gabby. Ramya gives to Bala reasoning bouncing back nature. Aari gives to Bala reasoning his talent. Gabby gives to Somu. Bala gives to Aari. Shivani gives to Aari. Gabby takes high votes.

At 2.30 Ilukkal udayuri ootrrukkal oor attrai. Gabby saying to Rio and Aari. Gabby gives to Rio. Ramya gives to Aari. Somu gives to Aari. Rio gives to Aari. Bala gives to Aari. Shivani gives to Bala. Aari gives to Rio. Aari accept it and says to them that he suffered a lot out and came to this position.

At 2.40 othuvathu oiliyen. Aari gives to Gabby. Reasoning her learning quality. Rio gives to Bala, Ramya gives to Bala reasoning he learns a lot. Shivani gives to Bala. Bala gives to Aari.

At 2.50 Kerporukku inbam undakum padi pesu. Bala gives to Somu, Gabby gives to Somu, Rio to Somu. Somu accept it and thank them

At 4.35 Bigg Boss announce they gets negative points for opposite words. According to the task he announce the ranking position. Gabby 1 point. Ramya 0. Aari -2 Bala -2 , Shivani 0 Rio 2 Somu 1.

Somu the winner of the task. Aari at 7th place , Bala at 6, Ramya at5 Shivani at 4. Rio at 3 and Gabby 2 and Somu at 1st.
Rio arranging the points to all in board.

At 5.10 Somu complaining to Rio that Aari said outside its number game. Aari asking to Bala where is his smile. He says to him that he thought its an Ticket to Finale task so they will give physical task but its different here. Ramya says its all part of task. Aari says not only this show is for game but also a learning process. Aari ask Bala to think about his life outside that’s important.

At 5.30 Ramya reading Dabur tooth paste features and task rules. Two big tooth were placed in activity area. Housemates wanna divide into Three persons in two group and remaining one will be the judge. They wanna clean the tooth with dabur tooth paste. Whom cleaning it first will be the winner.

Aari, Somu and Ramya one team. Rio , Shivani and Gabby another team. Bala is judge. Rio team win the task. Bigg Boss congratulate them.

At 6.30 Rio reading Ticket to finale last task. One pillar placed in activity area. Each housemates has own platform there. They wanna hold the rope. Two marks are in it. Red and blue. They wanna stand in their foot mark and start holding the rop after the buzzer plays. Bigg Boss will announce the instructions in middle they wanna hold it.

At 7 All housemates standing in the position and start holding it. After two hours Aari claim that Bala leaves his hand and takes the foot. So he left the rope. Everyone scold him. Then Aari take the hand. After him Rio loss the grip. After few minutes Aari said Somu leg in upper so he left it. After him Gabby. Rio shouts in anger. Shivani and Ramya left. Bigg Boss plays Singapenne song. Everyone cheering up for them. They feels emotional and crying.

Episode end.

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