Bigg Boss declares a shocking elimination that stuns the housemates

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Bigg Boss has consistently been leaving the contestants as well as the viewers spellbound with the surprise decisions, but it surely has kept the audience on toes. And this time, Bigg Boss drops a bomb with an unexpected announcement that one housemate will be eliminated tonight with the vote of recently entered connections.

This bit of information truly knocks the living daylights out of both the connections and the housemates. While Aly throws up his arms in shock, Rakhi starts to cry, knowing that any one of them might be asked to leave the very same day!

One by one, the Connections are called in the confession room for the process of elimination. Where connections like Vindu, Rahul Mahajan, Jasmin, or Jaan Kumar try their best to give a valid reason for their choices.

Later, as everyone sits together anxiously in the living area, Bigg Boss declares the name, and it instantly spreads a wave of shock in the entire house leaving the housemates to erupt with disappointment.

Which contestant will get eliminated in a surprise eviction tonight?

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