Namak Issk Ka 10th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani tries to tell the truth to everyone.

Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Kahani tells I was being forced,Raunak had kidnapped Lucky and Rani and he used to threaten me daily but today they are safe so I will speak. I maybe a dancer,I maybe poor but for me my prestige is most important. Kahani tells I am a dancer so no one is going to believe me,she tells Raunak to speak the truth.

Raunak tells do you think I can do this? He asks his grandmother do you think you can this. Kahani tells I expected exactly this from now. Now Yug will tell you did not try to kill me. Yug’s grandmother tells it was a very good drama. Juhi tells I used to think you were honest but today what you told me now I am sure you are a liar. Yug’s mother tells you have proved yourself wrong by blaming Yug.

Iravati gains consciousness. She takes out a pistol from her drawer. Kahani tells you are not believing me but I never did anything. Yug tells do you want sympathy from them from your fake tears? Kahani tells I don’t want any money I just want your belief,I am not lying. Yug’s grandmother tells you won’t get anything here so leave. Iravati tells how will she leave like this,she is now this family’s daughter-in-law and like they say bride comes in doli and leaves in arthi so I will give you gift for munh dikhayi.

Iravati fires a shot at Kahani,Yug save her but she shoots again and Kahani gets shot in her arms. Yug’s mother takes the gun from Iravati and holds her. She asks Yug to take Kahani away from there.

Doctor tells the bullet just grazed her so she will be okay soon. Iravati tells you saved her but it’s fine so throw her out now. Iravati tells I will wake up a dead body she is just unconscious. Iravati throws a glass of water on Kahani’s face. Gunjan stops Yug from interfering. Iravati presses Kahani’s wound. Yug’s mother asks Iravati to let her rest or she will die. She tells I know she is trouble but what if police finds out you shot her. Iravati tells I will tolerate anything but not this dancer. She asks Yug why did he come in between? Why did you jump to save her life? Gunjan asks why did you save her life? Yug tells what would have happened to Rupa and Gunjan,if you went to jail. Dolly tells Police is here.

Police tells we have got information that a bullet was shot here. Police asks Kahani who fired at here and asks her not to be afraid. Kahani lies that it was an accident and I got hurt by mistake. Iravati tells Kahani to leave,if she stays here she will give her new wound daily. Yug’s mother asks Iravati to let her stay till her wound is healed. Kahani tells I want to leave from here myself but she cannot stand by herself.

Raunak tells Rupa are you sending me on a vacation? Rupa tells from now on we will stay in separate rooms as I don’t believe in this relation anymore.

Yug asks Kahani why did you tell everyone I tried to kill you ? I saved your life twice. Why are you lying so much? Kahani tells you are a liar,it is truth that you tried to kill me. You tied me and left me to die in my house and you had no mercy then and you have no guilt now. Yug tells you act so good that anyone will trust you but no one is going to believe you here.

Iravati holds Raunak’s neck and suffocates him. He tells I am your daughter’s husband. Iravati tells that is the only reason you are alive,I will shoot you in head if you give any trouble to Rupa.

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