Bigg Boss Tamil 12th January 2023 Written Update: Dhanalakshmi, Queency entered into the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil 12th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 94 at 9.00 pm, ADK is playing Bigg Boss role. He calls Robert to the confession room. ADK gives a secret task to Robert master. He mentioned Mookkuthi name most in the house. He asks him to imagine Amudhavanan as Mookkuthi and flirts with him. Roberts nods with him. Later, Robert is flirting with Amudhavanan. He isn’t aware of it. ADK asks Asal to give some rap. Asal sings a Rap. Housemates are enjoying his performance. They appreciates him. ADK is vibing inside the confession room. Kathir asks Bigg Boss how is his performance?ADK says that’s his boy. He asks Robert why he is sitting silent. He says that he is missing Mookkuthi

At 9.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks ADK how was his day being a Bigg Boss of this house. ADK says to Bigg Boss it’s fantastic. He feels him here. He thank him for the opportunity. Later, Housemates appreciates ADK for his performance.

At 10.30 pm, Vickram advise ADK to forgot that incident. ADK says that he was hurt. He hugged master in happiness first. Then he went to hug Asal. But he ignored him and spitted those hurtful words to him. He lost his face there. He felt insulted there.

Day 95 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Sirukki ” then greets each other

At 10.30 am, Bigg Boss announced that it’s bomb time. Bomb number 5. It’s in living area. Everyone starts search for the bomb. Vickram gets surprised to see Dhanalakshmi inside. Housemate hugs her in happiness. They gets surprised to see the Bigg Boss logo in her hand. Dhanalakshmi notices Asal there. She tells him that she saw the interview of him about her. He says that he didn’t mentioned her in anything. Bigg Boss welcomes her inside the house. Dhanalakshmi shows her tattoo to Bigg Boss. He mentions her it’s sweet. Azeem says that she looks different in this dress.

At 10.35 am, Dhanalakshmi reads the task. Amudhavanan sacrifice in it. Amudhavanan wants to color his hair. He nods with him.

At 10.45 am, Mynaa collects the things from store room and helps Amudhavanan to color his hair. Dhanalakshmi says to Azeem that he isn’t looking good without makeup. But his costume is good. Shivin says that already he is worried about it. Kathir asks her doesn’t she missed this house? Dhanalakshmi says that she missed it. She pretended like happy but her family cried for her after she evicted. She adds that she was surprised to see the hashtag outside. She even saw the captaincy task too. She shares with them about the comments about her. She didn’t saw the negative comments anywhere. Kathir says that Amudhavanan looks like a English villain

At 11.35 am, Dhanalakshmi says to Vickram that his opinion was changed from week 1 to 12th week. He advises her to don’t leave her anger. She needed this anger to protect herself in this society. But he didn’t accepted it. He said she was arrogant later. Vickram gives a explanation to her.

At 12.05 pm, Shivin greets everyone and says that she is the first Lady Bigg Boss in this house. Housemates are laughing hearing her voice. They asks her to don’t drink coffee while talking. Shivin announces to them that guests are going to turn a babies here. Housemates will take care of them. Guests are pretending like child there. Later, Shivin asks Asal to come inside the confession room. She gives a secret task to him. He wants to ask ADK to change his clothes. He wants to wear his clothes. He nods with her.

At 12.30 pm, Asal asks ADK to change his clothes he didn’t like it. ADK tells him later. He is adamant in his decision. ADK changes his clothes and comes out. Everyone claps for him. Shivin apieeciats the kids and asks them to keep loving.

At 2.10 pm, Bigg Boss welcomes Manikandan to the Bigg Boss house again. He thank him. Manikandan greets everyone. He says that Mynaa has a nice hair style. Mynaa finds him and demands him to come inside. Dhanalakshmi says that he will enter asap. Manikandan says that one VIP will come inside so give a royal welcome to him. He asks her to take the things from the store room. Mynaa takes the flower petals. They welcomes him happily.
Housemate hugs him. They inquires him about the show outside. Manikandan says that they are playing well. They comments that he is talking like he was in a freeze task. Manikandan accepts that he didn’t watch the show.

At 2.30 pm, Manikandan and Mynaa are discussing about the show response outside. Azeem gets happy hearing the reach outside. Manikandan assures Mynaa that nothing is bad outside. Comments were positive. Housemate teases Amudhavanan after saw his hair color. Shivin passed a comment on him. Everyone are laughing at him.

At 3.05 pm, Kathir says to the Housemates that 21 contestants participated in this show. Everyone might be proud to be inside house. They shared to everyone in which way they are best here? But they wants to share the positive things about their co-contestant.

Shivin says to everyone that she wants to share about good side of Amudhavanan. He is dedicated player. He always make sure he is winning in the game. He has humour sense to entertain people. He is a good person. Amudhavanan says that he likes ADK’s singing telent. He has a good heart. He mat throws words at them in anger. But he don’t keep anything in his heart. He is a nice person. He likes him a lot.

ADK says that he likes Mynaa’s humour sense. She is treating everyone equally here. She never created a unwanted issues here. So he likes her. She deserved to be in top 7. Vickram says that he wants to say about Azeem. GP Muthu drops the plate down mistakenly. Housemates laughs hearing it. Vickram says that he liked him in few days. He had a good conversation with him. He likes his political career. He adds that he liked his confidence speech. His Tamil knowledge is good.

Azeem says that he wants to talk about Vickram. He adds that he likes his calm nature. He used to think twice before throwing words at others. He is controlling his anger well. He likes his way of speech and confidence level. He is a nice person

At 4.15 pm, Kathir calls Manikandan to come inside the confession room. He gives a secret task to him. He says that Mynaa has a doll. His name is Vellaichammy. Name is his clue. He wants to steal that doll and hide it. He gives a secret task to Robert. He asks him to steal Shivin’s make up items and hide it. Kathir enjoyed both Manikandan and Robert are stealing the things.

At 4.35 pm, Housemates are playing the name guessing name.

At 5.50 pm, Queency is inside the store room. Store room bell rings there. Everyone gets surprised to see Queency is back. She hugs everyone in happiness.

Episode end

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