Bigg Boss Tamil 14th January 2023 Written Update: Kamal discuss about the sacrifice task

Bigg Boss Tamil 14th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He shares with them that everyone has the dark side inside us. We used to show it out sometimes. But we saw the dark side of few Contestants in the Friday episode. He asks everyone to watch the Friday episode.

Day 96 at 12.25 am, ADK shows his new hairstyle to the camera. He says that he accepted the challenge. He will trim the beard tomorrow. He accepted the challenge. Shivin shows her black make up to the camera and says challenge accepted. Amudhavanan shows his head to the camera. He adds that he shaved his head from both side and left few hairs in middle. He says that everyone made him as a villain in this hairstyle.

Day 97 at 3.45 pm, store room bell rings there. They finds the five star hampers in it. Amudhavanan asks Shivin to take it. Shivin tells him let’s read it in front of everyone. Housemates takes the five star before completing the task. Sherinaa shares with Master that she likes Five star a lot. She ate lots of five star in her childhood days.

At 4.15 pm, Nivaa shares with Shivin what happened to her after she left the house. She adds that she considered him as a good friend. But she didn’t expected him used her here. Shivin tells her more expectations kills us. Nivaa agrees with her.

Kamal greets the housemates. He shares with them let’s discuss about sacrifice. He asks them to understand the meaning of sacrifice. If someone ready to sacrifice the things with whole heart is called sacrifice. If they order them to sacrifice is called forcing them to do it. Even Mynaa said that Kamal sacrificed a lot for his movies. A small corrections in it. He agreed to sacrifice it with his whole heart. No one forced him to do like that. He got money on return. He pulled his hair for Velunaaykkar movie. He did it for his own satisfaction and got money in return.

Kamal says to the ex-contestant that he saw the dark side of them. Doesn’t they waved their hands to them after evicted. Even some said let’s meet outside. They are missing them. But they showed their different side to them after they re-entered into the house. They shouldn’t have forced them to sacrifice like that. They humiliated the finals according to him. Kamal advises the contestants to don’t go to any extent for a game. Self respect is important to them then this game. If they don’t like it just say No to it. Kamal asks the finalists to come back after got ready. He doesn’t want to see the jokers here. He wants to see the real finalist of the house. He asks them to take a break and get ready asap. Azeem claps and thank him for his love. Kamal takes a short break.

Azeem hugs Vickram and tells him Kamal gave a fitting reply to them. They tried to humiliate us by using this task. He is feeling happy to see him raise his voice for him. ADK says to the Housemates that he may be talked about the hints ex-contestant gave to us. Some passed comments on them. It’s may be considered as a humiliation outside. Azeem and Vickram are getting ready. Vickram clean shaved his face. Azeem shares with Ram that few Contestants was not happy when he supported Vickram yesterday.

Kamal enters into the stage after a break. He says to audience that finalist got ready. Let’s talk with them. Kamal shares with the housemates that he heard some contestants didn’t understand what he meant. He is ready to explain them about it. He didn’t meant about their comments. What did they did to the finalists in the name of sacrifice 2.0? They are silent there. Kamal asks the finalists to say about it. He asks Azeem to share his opinion. Azeem tells him that he isn’t satisfied with their act. They tried to humiliate them through this task. It’s take more than 5 months to grow the hair in their head. He feels pity for them. Even Vickram likes his beard. They didn’t ask him to clean shave it. Instead they asked him to clean half of his moustache and beard. It’s a humiliation. They asked him to wear ladies clothes. Which is uncomfortable to him. They questioned him won’t he wear it for his movie? It’s his decision whether to wear it or not. They shouldn’t force him to do it.

Vickram says to him that he felt humiliated there. Their intention isn’t to finish the task. They are thinking that they are undeserving finalist. They showed their angry through this task. Vickram adds that he wanted to know in which categories they asked us to sacrifice. He isn’t ready to accept it. But he accepted it when they mentioned it as a challenge.

ADK says that he used to wear his friends clothes often. He likes that. So this task isn’t a big thing to him. He is thinking it as his duty to play his task. He is earning money in return. Kamal appreciates him. Shivin says to Kamal that they asked her to apply black color make up. She is aware their intentions isn’t to finish the task. They are thinking them as undeserving contestants here. It’s more like they are ragging a students. Kamal says to her that they are trying to blacken her face but audience won’t. Their support will be there for her always. Shivin thank him. Kamal asks them to play the task without giving up their self respect. He thought Bigg Boss would have stopped them from shave their hair. Vickram says that he expected that too. Kathir says that he didn’t wear such clothes in his life time. He felt down few times though he tried to take it sportive.

Amudhavanan says to Kamal that he colored his hair for the task. Everyone said he did a good sacrifice. But when 2.0 task they asked him to do it. He take it sportive. Mynaa says that she is doing movies. If they ask her to cut her hair then she will definitely do it.

Kamal says to the Housemates that they didn’t treated the finalist properly. Now top 7 contestants will decide what will ex-contestant sacrifice. He asks everyone to Wait in the garden area. Azeem claps hearing it. Kamal takes a short break. G.P Muthu says that it’s a task they might do it. Ram assures that he will definitely do it. Dhanalakshmi says that she won’t do anything. If they assures her that she is in the game then she will do the sacrifice. Or else she won’t do anything.

Top 7 contestants are discussing about the sacrifice task. Outside, Mani said to Dhanalakshmi that they won’t give a sacrifice like us. They will give simple task to show themselves as good in front of Kamal. They will say that they are maintaing the decorum. Meanwhile, Mynaa shares with housemates that she isn’t interested to give sacrifice to them. If they behave like them then there is no difference between them. According to her she don’t wanna punish them. Azeem, Vickram and others agreed with her points.

Kamal comes to the stage and asks them what was their sacrifice. Mynaa says that she thought they already got eliminated from the house. It was also a disappointed to them. So she thought they shouldn’t force them to sacrifice. Azeem said that according to him he thought to leave this matter. Because there is no difference between him and them. Vickram says that he doesn’t know how many days they will be with us. So let’s treat them well untill they are with us. He don’t want to punish them. Shivin says that they are not able to get the love by forcing them. They wants to show it from their heart. But she is asking them to sacrifice inconvenience others. Kamal appreciates them.

Kamal saved Azeem and Vickram from the eviction. They entered as the 2nd and 3rd finalist of the house. Later, Kamal asking the Top 7 to share how did they felt after the guest entered inside. Housemates are sharing their experience with him.

Episode end

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