Meet 15th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat’s look alike comes infront of the Ahlawat family

Meet 15th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sarkar saying to Meet that she wished for the village women to work in her factory right but she needs to know if the women of this village want to work in her factory or not. Yashoda with all the ladies says that they don’t to work in her factory and for them, the most important thing in their life is taking care of their men. Sarkar gives an example and makes fun of Meet infront of all the villagers. Meet also laughs at him. Meet continues the story and gives a proper counter to Sarkar. Meet asks all the ladies in which year are they living.

Meet says this is 2023 and women reached a lot of heights and says here in Sarkarpur the men can suppress the women here because they don’t know their strength. Meet questions the women if they have freedom or not. Meet asks the women if they have the freedom to make certain decisions in their house. Meet says the jewellery they wear is not jewellery but Shackles the men put on them. She asks them if they ever thought of living with dignity and respect. Sarkar asks Meet if she wants to prove that she is equal to a man and then prove it by driving a tractor. Sarkar says the village women also need to see if the women who is speaking is capable or not.

Meet gets on the tractor. Mahindra asks Sarkar why is he asking Meet to drive the tractor. Sarkar says once the tractor starts it is not going to stop and says Meet will jump from the tractor getting scared. Once the village women see Meet getting scared the game is over. Meet drives the tractor and notices that the brakes for the tractor are not working. Meet thinks of how to stop the tractor. Meet sees that she is going into the function and asks the villagers to move aside. Meet shouts to the villagers to move aside. Sarkar and his family moves to a side. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike stops Meet’s tractor. Meet is not able to see the person’s face who stopped the tractor. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike pushes back the tractor. Meet Ahlawat look alike takes Lord Hanuman’s name to give him strength. Meet loses consciousness. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike sees all this and catches Meet. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike tries to wake Meet up but she doesn’t wake up.

All the Ahlawat family celebrates the festival recalling Meet Ahlawat. Raj asks Babita what is she thinking about? Babita says she is thinking about last year’s celebration and how Meet Ahlawat is dancing in that festival. Babita says she feels that Meet Ahlawat will come right infront of her. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike brings Meet in a jeep to the Ahlawat family. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike brings Meet carrying in his arms. The Ahlawat family sees Meet Ahlawat’s look alike and gets shocked. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike tries to wake up but she doesn’t wake up. Meet Ahlawat says to the Ahlawat family that this woman has just lost consciousness and she will regain consciousness soon.

Meet Ahlawat asks them where to put Meet but they don’t answer Meet Ahlawat’s look alike as the whole family is shocked. Meet Ahlawat sees that they are silent goes inside the house and puts Meet on the sofa. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike see that all the people are looking at him differently and asks them about it? Meet Ahlawat’s look alike tells the Ahlawat family to give back his photo as the photographer accidentally gave his photo to them. Babita thinks it is Meet Ahlawat and hugs him. Meet Ahlawat’s look alike gets surprised with Babita’s action.

Episode ends.

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