Bigg Boss Tamil 6 26th October 2022 Written Update: A Verbal War in the House

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 16 at 11.35pm, Dhanalakshmi says to Ratchitha that they teased her there. Them how she will place that doll inside? She won’t place her doll inside. Ratchitha tells her that she snatched Shivin doll from her when buzzer played. She is damn sure she won’t take her doll inside.

At 11.50 pm, Bigg Boss announced to Dhanalakshmi and Maheshwari. He is giving another chance to both of them. Anyone might place their doll on rack. If both are not ready to do it. Then both of their doll will be disqualified. It will go to dustbin. They nods to him. Azeem shares with Dhanalakshmi that she has Maheshwari doll in her hand. But Maheshwari has Shivin doll. Already Dhanalakshmi’s doll placed in rack. So according to game Dhanalakshmi is safe. If she fail to place Maheshwari’s doll she will be out of the game. If Maheshwari place Shivin’s doll inside she is able to continue her game but Maheshwari will be out of the game. This is not going to affect Dhanalakshmi’s play. He suggests her to let Maheshwari keeps this doll. If both are adamant in their stand both will be out of their game. Dhanalakshmi complaints that Maheshwari is not taking with her about it.

Maheshwari clears with her that she isn’t have any problems to talk with her. She doesn’t have ego to. She says to her Dhanalakshmi’s game will continue. Her game is not going to affect. If she doing it for her personal vengeance she isn’t able to convince her. Just do it. Dhanalakshmi accepts that she is doing it personally. It’s her open nomination for her. Maheshwari appreciates her

At 12.05 am, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to say the reason why did they pick their doll. Dhanalakshmi says to Bigg Boss that she isn’t giving heed to other teams effort so she took Maheshwari’s doll. Maheshwari says that she felt Shivin’s game is unethical. Bigg Boss eliminated Shivin and Maheshwari from that task.

At 12.15 am, Manikandan is mixing the doll. Vickram asks him why is he doing like this? He gets little rude to him. Vickram gets frustrated seeing his rude behaviour and asks him to change his attitude. Manikandan adds that he won’t change his attitude for him.

At 1.15 am, Azeem shares with Mynaa that he was stopping Janany and Dhanalakshmi to let Ayesha place her doll inside. But they stopped her unaware whose name she holding? Mynaa adds that everyone got disappointed after saw her doll went to dustbin. Azeem says that Ayesha was holding Mynaa name actually there. Her question is why did they stopped the doll without knowing whose name they are hiding? Because of them she got affected in it.

Day 17 at 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” private party ” then greets each other

At 10.15 am, Manikandan is flirting with sherinaa. Maheshwari teasing him.

At 10.30 am, Vickraman says to Queency let’s mix the dolls. Queency says to him everyone are busy in their work. It’s better to mix it when no one noticing them. They mixed it.

At 11.15 am, Ratchitha and Shivin are discussing about the luxury budget task. Shivin asks her to tie up with anyone. Who is really want to save her from nomination will definitely help her. Ratchitha tells her that she really wants to see who will save her. She doesn’t want to tie up with anyone.

At 12.05 pm, Buzzer plays housemates picks the doll and runs from there. Bigg Boss asks them to give the reason to pick the doll. Sherina says to Bigg Boss that she likes Ratchitha so she saved her doll. Ayesha says that she holds Dhanalakshmi’s doll because she is a strong competitior. She wants to hold her to go further. Dhanalakshmi feels betrayed hearing it. Bigg Boss asks her to throw her doll on dustbin. Dhanalakshmi seal the rack. She says to Bigg Boss that she faced betrayal here. Thanks for showing who is real back stabber to her.

At 12.15 pm, Dhanalakshmi says to Amudhavanan and Robert. They targeted her. They are playing groupism there. It’s not a fair game. Amudhavanan and Robert will be their next target.

At 12.25 pm, Buzzer plays there. Housemates picks dolls from there and runs. Vickram fails to place ADK doll on rack.

At 12.30 pm, Maheshwari says to ADK that he wasn’t taking this game serious. It’s nomination free task. He might keep it in his mind. He played safe zone now he lost his place. He shares with her that he chose Rathchitha’s doll because he doesn’t have any grudge on her.

At 1.40 pm, Bigg Boss shares with housemates that one telephone kept in living area. Whom receiving the first call will get a letter from family. That person wants to finish the task in 60 seconds to receive that letter.

At 1.45 pm, Telephone rings in the house. Manikandan attends the call. Bigg Boss says to him that he will get a letter from family. He wants to go to activity area. Manikandan rushes to activity area. Bigg Boss asks him to toss the cars. If he gets 6 symbol he wants to eat the peeled onion. If he gets bigg Boss logo he wants to eat the onion in 60 seconds. Housemates appreciates him. He finished the task asap.

At 2.05 pm, Bigg Boss press the buzzer. Housemates runs from thete picking their doll’s. Fee housemates blocks them. Sherinaa and Nivaa falls down. Azeem takes Sherinaa to medical room. He lashes out at Dhanalakshmi for being rude and violent in the game. He asks her doesn’t she have common sence. She is also a woman then how could she push her like that? There is an hearing argument between them. Dhanalakshmi didn’t give heed to his words. Aysha complaints that she wasn’t accusing anyone here. But no one inquire about her health even after she admitted in medical room. Doesn’t they have humanity.

At 4.00 pm, Housemates are discussing about this issue. Dhanalakshmi shares with Ratchitha that even she fell down. He was accusing her in front of all. If Kamal sir, shows the footage of her pushing her down. She is ready to apologise to everyone. She is ready to fall on his feet too. But everyone might apologize to her if she wasn’t mistake.

At 4.15 pm, Azeem narrated the situation with his friends. He complaints to them about Dhanalakshmi’s attitude. Meanwhile, Dhanalakshmi cries alone. She pleads with Bigg Boss to show the footage to them. She couldn’t accept their accusing words on her.

At 8.00 pm, Housemates starts their luxury budget task again. They runs taking their doll’s. Ayesha holds Ratchitha’s doll. Sherina holds Ayesha’s doll. Maheshwari blocks Aysha so she couldn’t enter inside the tent. Meanwhile, Sherinaa takes Ayesha’s doll inside. Ratchitha says that its pre-planned. Ayesha clears her side to her.

Episode ends.

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