Bigg Boss Tamil 6th January 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss critics Awards

Bigg Boss Tamil 6th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 89 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Velaikkara” then greets each other

At 10.00 am, Amudhavanan is doing yoga. Mynaa is teasing him seeing his pose. She passes comments on him along with Ratchitha. She tells her he didn’t showed this talents before here. Ratchitha tells her it’s easy to do this yoga. Mynaa tells her it’s hard for her.

At 2.20 pm, Kathir and Amudhavanan are teasing ADK. He Imitates his style there. Amudhavanan says that ADK won’t forget anything. He takes everything personally here. He will remember this tasks after the show too. He may be take revenge for it later. ADK says that he won’t do like that. Unexpectedly Amudhavanan sharing his character revelation here. Vickram says that he thinks so. His way of expression is sharing everything clearly. Bigg Boss asks Amudhavanan to wear his Mike properly. Amudhavanan says that captain isn’t checking it all. ADK tells him nothing like that.

At 3.05 pm, Azeem reading Ticket to Finale task information. Task name buzzer to buzzer. This task will take place in garden area war zone. They will give velcro jackets to everyone. Housemates pictures were stick on it. They wants to collect their pictures from others jackets. They are able to take only one picture at a time. If they mistakenly takes others picture they are able to save it on pedestal. It will help them to use as a battery. If they takes the picture from their jacket then they are out of that war zone. They are able to join after the buzzer plays. Whom collecting their picture first will be the winner of this task.

At 4.10 pm, Task begins. Bigg Boss wishes good luck to everyone. Housemates starts chasing each other and takes the picture. ADK asks Ratchitha and Azeem to don’t hold the picture. They shouldn’t hide the picture behind. Others not able to take the pictures. Azeem nods with him. Buzzer plays. Bigg Boss asks them to mention how many battery they have. Housemates mentions the batter count to him. Bigg Boss eliminate Mynaa from the task reasoning she don’t have battery. Mynaa tells him her battery fell down. Bigg Boss tells her according to rules she is out of this task.

At 4.50 pm, Mynaa helps other housemates to stick the pictures. Buzzer plays. Housemates starts their game. After collects the pictures buzzer plays. Ratchitha got out of the game due to zero battery

Shivin says to them that only One tile left to Kathir. Vickram tells her that she might play the game like that. Mynaa tells him that he is cracking jokes well recently. Buzzer plays, Shivin collects her pictures first. They congratulates her. They announced their battry levels. Shivin says that he isn’t considering her. Bigg Boss congratulates her.

At 5.15 pm, Next round begins. This time Kathir arranged his pictures. Azeem got out of the task due to zero battery. Bigg Boss congratulates Kathir and tells him he got second place in this task. He gives his battery to Amudhavanan.. Buzzer plays next round begins. This time Vickram arranged his pictures. Bigg Boss congratulates him and says that he got 3rd place in this task. He gives his battery to Amudhavanan. He got 4th place in the task. ADK got 5th place. Azeem got 6th place. Ratchitha got 7th place and Mynaa gets 8th place. Everyone congratulates Amudhavanan for won the Ticket to Finale task. Amudhavanan tells him let’s wait for the official confirmation. Azeem says that he played well and he deserved it.

At 5.20 pm, ADK says to Vickram that he wants to ask something to him. Why did he gave the battery to Amudhavanan? He would have played two more round if he gave that to him. Vickram clears him that two options was in his mind. First Amudhavanan was in leading. No one able to beat him. Second one ADK hand was hurt. He doesn’t want to see him hurt more. ADK thank him for thinking about him. He just want to clarify him.

At 5.40 pm, Azeem says to Amudhavanan that he won the ticket to Finale task somehow as he expected. Amudhavanan thank him. Shivin appreciates ADK for played well with his wounded hand. ADK says that he would have played well if his hand was in better condition. Shivin tells him that he played well. It’s isn’t less compared to others. ADK felt bad for lost the finale ticket. Amudhavanan leaves from there. ADK says that Vickram is strong one. He didn’t expected him play like that. His will power is something high. He thought he won’t be active in tasks. But he was a strong competitior. Shivin tells him all are strong one here. If they are weak then they would have eliminated from this house now.

At 5.15 pm, housemates gets surprised to see the decorations. Bigg Boss asks Amudhavanan to stand on the stage. He asks him to place the two tiles on the highway. He placed it on highway. Housemates appreciates him. Bigg Boss says that he put so much hardwork and effort in it. He was hurt and wounded to get this. Here his hardwork pays for him. His Ticket comes in drone. He collects his ticket. Housemates claps for him and congratulates him. Bigg Boss congratulates Amudhavanan for won the ticket to Finale task. Amudhavanan gets happy and thank everyone.

At 5.45 pm, Amudhavanan talking with the camera. He shares his happiness with the audience. He says that he won the task and this golden tickets. He says that this is the most precious victory in his life. He is going to enter finals as a first participants. It’s giving so much happiness to him. He is glad to receive this tickets. Finally his hardwork pays off. He thanks that audience those who supported him.

At 10.00 pm, Mynaa welcomes the housemate to the BB critic awards. She welcomes ADK on stage. First award category is about. Who has amazing start but a worst failure at end. He gives that award to Azeem reasoning his captaincy task. Azeem says to him that he don’t accept this award. He throws that on floor. Mynaa calls Ratchitha on stage next. ADK asks Azeem what happened to him? Azeem clears with him that he don’t like that award. If he accepts that award it will ruin his name. He don’t need his suggestion or comments. ADK says that he feels embarrassed seeing his attitude towards him.

Ratchitha gives the award to Vickram reasoning he started giving counters recently. Mynaa gives Vena siricha aluthiduven dialogue to Amudhavanan reasoning she saw that fear in Amudhavanan face when he was in the last stage of finale task.
Shivin gives the award to Vickram. But he refused to accept it.

Episode end

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