Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 25th September 2021 Written Update: Kamini and Subodh plans to separate Milind and Nupur

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tanki and other kids takes Chikoo to their room and shows her facilities they are getting in Orphanage. Chikoo tells to Sulab that snake aunty doing magic on them like she did on me. Sulab to joins other kids. Chikoo says what happened to you guys, that bad aunty did magic on you. Kids says don’t say anything against Nupur aunty as she is Devi who came to set our life. Tanki says Nupur bought us from kohli to palace. Chikoo says this is not palace and it’s Bhooth bunglow and reminds them about Rangoli words about Orphanage.

Flower says we are here from yesterday and their is no Bhooth in this Orphanage so let’s enjoy here. Chikoo says that snake aunty changed you guys with her magic but I won’t let her change me and Rangoli mummy might be feeling bad for us so I will definitely take you guys to Mummy. Later Nupur prepares Nariyal laddoo. Kids senses the smell and feels excited to eat it and they tells to Chikoo that Nupur made words best Nariyal laddoo. Chikoo gets angry on them for praising it more than their Mummy sweet.

Chikoo thinks whether Nupur is doing magic on them with laddoo than she goes to kitchen where Reema tells to Nupur that these Laddoos will do magic on kids. Nupur goes to market to get kesar to put on those Laddoos and Reema to goes. On the way Nupur calls Milind but he didn’t attend it. Savitri asks Milind to end their differences by talking with her. Milind says he will talk if she wants to talk with him during dinner.

Nupur vehicle gets stopped because of punture than she goes out to check it, that time Rangoli comes to her car and takes the prints of keys soap. Nupur calls Reema and asks her to send the other car for her. Chikoo throws laddoos in dustbin to save her friends from that magic. Nupur sees it and scolds her for wasting the food. Chikoo says she won’t let her do magic on her friends with that magical laddoo. Nupur tries to tell her their is no magic than Chikoo tells her that she is accepting the dance challenge and asks her to arrange the competition tomorrow itself as you’re going to lose and I don’t even need any practice. Nupur says you’re kid infront of me as I’m mummy to you in dance so it’s tough to beat me so all the best as you need it and she leaves from kitchen.

Kids questions why she wasted their Laddoos by throwing them in dustbin. Sulab says she don’t like our happiness. Chikoo says I love you guys that’s why I came to save you guys from jadoo aunty. Kids says their is nothing like jadoo and they asks Chikoo to listen to them that they can get everything in orphanage. Chikoo asks Sulab why he is taking u turn and reminds him about Rangoli words. Kids says if you lose this competition than you have to stay with us in orphanage plus we won’t help you this time and you have to practice alone.

Nupur tells to Reema that she have to reach to home as it’s already late. Reema says stay with Milind as I don’t want your relationship suffer because of my Ngo. Milind sees Nupur number and waits for her. Nupur tells to Reema that she will set differences between them by talking to Milind and Nupur sees kids are unable to sleep than she messages to Milind that she can’t join them for dinner as she have work in Orphanage so she may reach to home lately. Savitri says Milind have some food as it’s waste to wait for her and you didn’t ate anything since morning and Nupur don’t care for you so have something and she offers to feed him but he leaves saying his hunger got died eith his hope. Savitri thinks whther it’s sign of their bond is breaking and she prays for them. Kamini thinks she will definitely break their marrital bond. Subhodh says I will help you and it’s time to regain our positions in family and business and it will happen if we separate Milind and Nupur.

Kids coudnt sleep than Chikoo tries to make Tanki sleep by singing like Rangoli. Nupur comes to them and sings lohri for them. Chikoo feels like she heard it before. Rangoli enters to orphanage. Milind sleep in his Mom lap. Nupur makes everyone sleep with her lohri and Chikoo sleeps in Nupur lap. Rangoli gets shocked seeing them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nupur wins the competition.

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