Chithi 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Mallika is acquitted

Chithi 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika questioning Saradha what she’s going here. She asks her to get out before her anger reaches at peak. Mallika throws Venba by draging her. Saradha leaves with Venba. Dharma tries to console a crying Mallika.

At Saradha house, the latter is sadly sitting seeing Yazhini and Kavin marriage invitation. Deeba tells Saradha to have something. Nandhini and Deivanagi hears them. Shanmugam questions why she’s spoiling her health without eating.

Deeba says Nandhini is responsible for everything. At least Nandhini never understood Saradha but Yazhini. Shanmugam says it’s a lesson for them. Saradha tells she can’t blame Yazhini as she’s right in her place. The only thing she can’t bear is Yazhini calling her cheater. Deeba consoles Saradha.

Deeba calls Saradha seeing news about Mallika on TV. The news reader says there’s a turning point in Mallika case. The principal of Kavin’s instution gave statements that she’s responsible for all illegal activities happened in the institution and Mallika is unaware of everything. The reporter further adds Mallika was released.

Shanmugam says all Saradha’s efforts are wasted. They worry what Mallika will do to them. Nandhini says she knows that Mallika kidnapped Venba and attempted to kill her. Saradha says that means she overheard her conversation with Mallika. Shanmugam scolds Nandhini for doing such cheap acts. Deeba says even the murder attempt on Shanmugam must have planned by Mallika. Shanmugam and Deeba worry What Mallika will further do. Saradha says they should get scared and face the problems.

Venba goes to temple. She cries remembering Kavin’s accident. She asks God if he’s punishing her for lying to Kavin that she has put the thali in charity box. She cries praying to God to save Kavin.

Deivanagi tries to call her husband, but he doesn’t answer the call so she sends a voice note in whatsapp saying Mallika got released. She will be looking for an opportunity to take revenge on Saradha they should use this opportunity to earn some money. Deeba snatches the phone. She plays the audio message. Deeba scolds Deivanagi for stooping so low. She warns she will file complaint against her if something bad happens to this family members.

At the hospital, Mallika, Yazhini and Dharma go to meet the chief doctor. Venba is crying in front of God pleading to save Kavin. A lady gives Yazhini vermilion asking it to apply on her husband’s forehead. At hospital, chief doctor tells Kavin’s health condition is very critical and there’s less possibility to safe him. Yazhini, Mallika and Dharma are shocked.

The episode ends.