Choti Sardarni 18th February 2021 Written Update: Meher saves Karan and Sarab

Choti Sardarni 18th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan and Seher talks about witch and Gulwant comes there. Karan asks will she kill him and says if she tried then he will shout. Meher tells Karan to listen his father always and not go anywhere without his permission. Karan says once he finds his mother he will bring his mother to meet her. Seher says she will bring her father to meet Sarab. Karan bids bye to Meher and Seher. Karan hugs Meher. Sarab hugs Seher. Karan and Seher hugs each other. They leaves from there in their car.

Gulwant notices that Sarab’s car leaving and tells Yuvi to buy two garlands, one for Karan and one for Sarab and says she will tell him when to put those garlands on their photo frames. She says she was waiting for this day only and laughs. Kaul notices Sarab’s car and realises that Seher didn’t stop them and wonders why she didn’t went with her family. Seher asks why storm coming suddenly. Meher gets worried hearing about climate change in news. They warns them to not leave the house.

Kaul tells his mother that Seher didn’t went with her family after meeting her son too. She tells him to confess his feelings to Meher without wasting time and this is best chance for him. Meher runs from her house and collides with Kaul. Sarab drives fastly because he is not able to drive properly because of snow. Meher runs to stop Sarab’s car.

Karan tells Sarab that he felt like he saw Meher. Sarab says she must be in her house. Meher comes in front of Sarab’s car and tells him to stop the car.He stops the car on right time. She says all the roads are bblocked because of bad weather. He thanks her for saving them. She says she heard about danger in radio so came to stop them. He asks about mechanic to repair the car. She tells them to stay in her house for tonight. Karan thanks her for saving his life twice and she hugs him.

Meher asks Kaul that what is he doing. Kaul gives flower bouquet to her and was about to confess his love but changes the topic seeing Sarab and Karan. He leaves from there saying he has important work to do. Seher gets happy seeing Karan. Karan says he didn’t wanted to go to Punjab because one witch lives there.

Harleen sees Kaul and Meher’s pictures and says she has to inform Sarab that Meher moved on in her life. Bittu and Ranna calls Gulwant and asks how is she doing. Gulwant says soon she will hear Sarab and Karan’s death news but shocks seeing them alive. Sarab informs Harleen that they are returning tomorrow only.

Sarab sees Meher without veil. She covers her face. He asks when she will understand that destiny wants to reunite them that’s why he is keep coming to her and says she can hide her face but what about the love she has for him. And it turns out her imagination and she says she can’t reveal the truth to Sarab no matter what.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gulwant tries to kill Sarab and Karan again.

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