Choti Sardarni 4th December 2020 Written Update: Sarab resigns his position from party

Choti Sardarni 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Media asks if Karan is not Sarab’s son then who is his biological father. Meher says Karan’s biological father’s name is Manav sharma. Hearing Manav’s name Seema looks at Vikram and recalls what he said about Manav in the temple. She was about to say something but he stops her. Media asks did Sarab ever met Manav.

Sarab says when Meher told the truth to him that time they doesn’t know that Manav is alive and when he entered their life he wanted Karan’s custody and few people tried to misuse this situation that’s why he is revealing the truth now. Harleen says she warned Sarab always saying Karan will bring trouble for their family so he should send him somewhere but he didn’t listen her.

 Aditi says Sarab won’t do anything without thinking and says she is proud of her brother and says Meher and her brother doing right thing now. Harleen gets angry at Sarab saying she would not have let him reveal this if she knows that he is planning to do this and asks why he didn’t discussed with her about this.

Media asks soon election coming so is he telling now this to get sympathy from people to gain votes.Sarab resigns his position from his party. Harleen shocks hearing him. Gulwant says this emotional behaviour of Sarab is not doing good for anyone. Public  opposes his decision tells him to give Karan to Manav and they won’t let him resign because it their life also depends on him.

 They starts to shout against Meher. They throws tomato at her but Sarab catches it to protect her. She tells him to not resign and announce about this right now. Sarab warns them to not behave like this with Meher saying his family is his everything. She stops him and tells him to control himself saying these people loves him. He wipes her tears and they goes inside.

Robbie says everything messed up and if  Harleen gets to know that he is behind this then she won’t leave him. Amrita calls Meher but she doesn’t picks her call. Gulwant enters the house. Jeeto says she made Gulwant’s favorite dishes.

Gulwant scolds her and says she thought she will get ticket for this election but Sarab spoiled everything. Media says public blames Meher and Sarab stops her from watching tv. He says they can’t control others so she should stay away from this and says Robbie got punishment now its time for Vikram to get punishment saying everything happening because of him only.

Aditi says seems like Manav would be the one who is blackmailing Sarab. Vikram defends Manav and says no one thinking about him. Aditi talks against Manav saying he would have trapped Meher in love and now also he is interested in Sarab’s money not Karan and says Manav won’t get Karan because mother has more rights on Karan.

He says she is doctor not lawyer and says father also has rights on his child. Vikram meets Sarab, Meher asks why he called him here. Sarab beats him and says he called him to listen answer from him and yells at him. He says he was silent till now but today Vikram crossed his limits and tries to beat him again but Meher stops him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harleen asks Meher that who is Manav. Sarab takes Vikram’s name.

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