Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th December 2020 Written Update: Omkar understands Mayura’s plan

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar making Mayura fall but then holding her in arms. Mayura tells him that tomorrow is very important day for her. She tells her pride is still intact and she will see tomorrow if Omkar wins or.. Then she picks up a piece of marble kept there and makes a cut on her palm.

 Omkar recalls how he had done same in past for Mayura. He shouts at Mayura asking her why she did that. Mayura tells him he will see soon and wishes him congratulations for his marriage. She goes on saying how one moment changed her life and if tomorrow any moment may change his life too.. Next day it’s time for haldi ritual.

 Ashwaria says they should switch AC on as Omkar looks so hot. Manjiri asks Omkar to sit by Ashwaria’s side. She says generally bride and groom have haldi separately but since they are like a family so they can do it together. Omkar recalls whatever Mayura had said him last night. He is worried. Mayura brings haldi. Manjiri asks her if she was growing turmeric plant.

 Mayura says yes something like that only. Manjiri goes to apply haldi to Omkar but he stops her. He takes bit of haldi and applies it to Mayura. Everyone gets shocked. Manjiri says it’s his and Ashwaria’s ritual why did he do this. Mayura says Omkar was suspecting that she had mixed something so he did this. She holds his hand and asks him to answer. Then she goes on to taunt him how she can never be bad hearted like him and cannot think about hurting someone.

She says even though her face has marks, her heart is clean. Omkar pulls Mayura and in the process Haldi from Mayura’s cheeks gets applied to him. Mayura laughs and says what has he done. Now haldi is applied and it’s an omen. Manjiri and Ashwaria feel irritated and disappointed. Mayura tells Omkar she is waiting for tonight. She goes on to say she has planned something very special for tonight.

Manjiri talks to Omkar and tells her to forget all his past and drown away everything in Narmada. She tells now he will just have happiness in his life and pure  beauty of Ashwaria in his life. She keeps on blessing him and then uses red chillies to remove bad omen from him. Mayura is standing at back and watching all this.

Sankar and Mayura are talking to each other when Omkar comes there and then he says Mayura he had seen everything. How when Manjiri was trying to drive away bad omen, she was casting a bad eye on him.

Mayura tells him that she will tell him the truth. She says she won’t go anywhere leaving him. He is her husband and she is his wife. Omkar recalls all the previous threats Mayura had given him. He understands what Mayura is planning. So he drags her inside a room and ties her up. He even seals her mouth with tape.

He goes on threatening her. He tells her she is trying to become bad but she is too naive. She should have played smarter and not revealed her plans to her enemy. He goes on taunting her and then says even his father won’t come there to help her. As he will make sure Sankar is not visible till the marriage is done and he will get his blessings later . He tells Mayura she is too weak and can never win against him.

Omkar is ready as groom and Manjiri asks them to bring Ashwaria. Ashwaria comes there with her face covered. Omkar gets suspicious and thinks he must check her face. While in room Mayura is struggling to free herself. Omkar uncovers bride’s face and it’s Ashwaria. Then Manjiri says if the bride is so beautiful, everyone will like to see again and again. Ashwaria feels shy. Her mother says to keep her face covered to protect from bad eye. Manjiri tells now that Omkar has seen her, she will keep her face covered till marriage. Omkar thinks he himself locked Mayura how can she be here.

In room Mayura prays to goddess to help her escape.

Omkar makes Ashwaria wear the garland and thinks now he is getting married and this will end Mayura’s chapter from his life.

Precap same as yesterday.

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