Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th December 2020 Written Update: Tejinder meets an accident

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Shannoo asks Tejinder if she felt the earth swept off her feet, this is Heer identity truth and they have to live with it. Tejinder shouts No, she will announce the truth to everyone loudly that Heer is a kinnar. Shannoo asks how, Tejinder says she knows how to do it, she won’t let the truth be hidden forever, she won’t let a kinnar be their bahu. She remembers her interactions with Heer. She angrily throws the glass and leaves.

Heer tries to light diya again. Virat puts his hand around diya and saves it from getting off. Parmeet and everyone smile. Heer looks at Virat with relief and prays to God. Shannoo hysterically beats the plates and says today is the beginning of Heer’s destruction and her victory. She claps like a kinnar.

Parmeet tells Baksh that Beeji is not here, and says Beeji comes to do abshagun(bad deeds) and don’t stay for shagun(good deeds). She smilingly looks at Heer and waives off evil sight. Tejinder sits in the car and asks the driver to drive fast. Priest asks Rohan to fill the sindoor in Simran’s maang.

Rohan remembers his promise to Preeto, he recalls his conversation with Simran and fills her maang with sindoor. Tejinder asks driver to drive fast. Preeto thinks this marriage is necessary for Heer’s safety. Priest asks them to tie the gathbandan. Parmeet says Heer will tie the gathbandhan and recalls Heer’s goodness.

She tells Preeto that even though her conditions don’t matter now, but from today she is accepting Heer as her daughter and will give her the same love, value as that of Simran. Preeto and Harak Singh fold their hands in gratitude. Virat smiles. Heer feels touched and happy. Shannoo dances madly while beating plates.

Tejinder asks driver to increase the car speed, but it suddenly stops on the way. Heer ties the gathbandan. Rohan and Simran stand up and start taking (saathphere) wedding vows. Tejinder runs on the road and thinks today she will show her value to Heer. Shannoo talks to the Goddess pic and says today she got the chance to take revenge and she is peaceful now. She laughs loudly.

Tejinder is walking on the road, a speedy car races towards her and dashes her, she gets injured and blood oozes out. A kinnar gets down from the car and lifts her placing in her car. She pours water on the road to wash off blood spots.

Priest declares Rohan and Simran as husband and wife. They take Preeto’s blessings first. Shannoo washes her face with water. Sindhu asks where is she and says marriage is over, and she didn’t come. Shannoo says she came home from doctor’s clinic and will not come there. She asks her to come home. Sindhu says ok.

Shannoo is shocked and thinks where is Teji, why she didn’t stop the marriage. She calls her. The kinnar sees Shanno’s call. Simran emotionally hugs Parmeet, Baksh during vidaai. Tejinder is running towards the house to reveal Heer’s truth. Heer tells Simran not to cry and go to sasural happily, now she has 2 houses. Virat thanks Rohan. Rohan hugs him. Virat thinks of Parmeet accepting Heer as her daughter from her heart and thinks what if the truth comes out.

Kinnars takes Teji out from the car and says to get her treatment done, she should be alive. She looks at Maharani’s pic. She says Maharani was her Guru maa. She was waiting for this day since many years, Maharani couldn’t take Soumya with her, but she will take Heer to Bangkok.

Baksh is worried for his sister as she isn’t home. Kinnar plans against Heer.

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