Choti Sardarni 8th April 2021 Written Update: Sarab learns the truth of Seher’s Nurse

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Choti Sardarni 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gill family prays to God for Seher. Sarab hallucinates Meher again. Next day, Seher starts breathing by herself so Sandhya remove the oxygen pump. Seher regains her consciousness and looks at Sarab and asks about Meher. Sarab hugs her and thanks God for saving Seher. Sandhya leaves the room without anyone’s knowledge. Sarab says to Seher that Meher will return soon. Doctor examines Seher and says Seher recovered for now and says he is waiting for last test report of her and asks Sarab to take care of Seher.

Sarab searches Kavita in the room. He learns that Kavita left the house. He recalls how Kavita used to take care of Seher and decides to stop her. Sandhya stops hearing Sarab’s voice. Sarab asks Kavita that why she is leaving now and asks her to stay by Seher’s side till she recovers completely. He says he is ready to take care of her and her family. He pleads her to accept his offer and he asks what she wants from him. Sandhya says she wants his permission and takes off the mask. Sarab gets angry seeing Sandhya. Kulwant comes there.

Sandhya apologize to Sarab and says she lied to him for Seher’s sake. She says she came just for Seher because Seher needed her. Sarab doesn’t let him complete her sentence and says Seher needs Nurse not Sandhya. He says Seher doesn’t know that Sandhya is the reason for Meher’s disappearance. He asks her that why she came again. She says to him that she is telling the truth. He says to her that she never told truth to him. Kulwant says she brought Sandhya for Seher.

Sarab asks Sandhya to leave the house. Kulwant asks him to think about Seher. Sarab says he knows to appoint Nurse for his daughter. He asks that how can Kulwant forget about Sandhya’s betrayal and tells Sandhya to leave the house before Security guards throws her out of the house. Kulwant pleads Sandhya to stay there for Seher and Meher’s sake.

Karan tells the truth of Nurse to Seher.
Harleen asks Sarab that why he want to appoint new Nurse when Kavita took care of Seher very well. Seher says she also want same Nurse. Kulwant asks Sarab to tell the truth to everyone. Karan asks Sarab that why he hates Sandhya this much. Harleen shocks hearing him. Sarab asks Param to give soup to Seher and leaves the room.

Harleen asks Sarab to open the door and pleads him to think about Seher. Kulwant says Seher needs Sandhya. Sarab says he decided to bring new Nurse for Seher. Kulwant says they doesn’t have time for that and says she already lost her daughter now she can’t afford to lose Seher. Sarab asks Mehta to find new Nurse. Kulwant says Sandhya will take care of Seher if he won’t allow then she will take Seher to her house.

Sarab hallucinates Meher again. Meher says to him that she knows that what he is thinking about Sandhya and says Seher regained consciousness because of Sandhya’s care and Seher needs Sandhya and their priority is Seher so he should take decision keeping Seher’s health in mind. Harleen asks Sarab about his decision.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kulwant says to Sandhya that she should not talk to Karan and Param.

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