Choti Sarrdaarni 14th October 2019 Written Update: IT dept investigating Sarab

Today’s episode starts with Meher opening the box Manav had kept for her. She cries remembering her moments with Manav as she goes through the box. Preeti comes and tells Meher she has a courier. Dolly comments on Meher that she seems to buy a lot of stuff online lately. Meher says her bhaiya and bhabhi’s anniversary is coming up and there was a discount online. Dolly says she never buys anything on discount prices and names top brands. Meher says she always shops per her budget. Sarab thinks she distributes money back and forth and now talks about budget. He thinks it doesn’t matter she took money but at least should have had the courtesy to tell him.

Meher argues with a delivery guy about change and Dolly tells Sarab that his wife forgot which family she got married into and behaves like her ‘wonderful Ji wonderful ‘mother. Just then Kulwant comes in with sweets and says congratulations. She feeds sweets to everyone. Meher says Sasrikal for respect’s sake and leaves quickly from there when Param calls her.

Dolly asks why sweets suddenly,Kulwant says she knows about their secret news. Dolly thinks she was talking about her going to Mumbai to judge a fashion show and asks Sarab why he told Kulwant. While Kulwant thinks they know about Meher’s pregnancy. She leaves after getting a call.

Punjab IT department plans to investigate Sarabjit as he has recently transferred 25crores to his wife’s account. They think since elections are coming up he would have done it.IT heads to tell the team to bring Meher for investigation if she refuses raid the house.

The brokers come to Kulwant’s house with gifts and tell them Pinky’s father is coming soon from London to finalize an alliance with Bittu. Jagga and Amrita is shocked. Bittu comes there and assumes the alliance is for Rana. The others keep quietly unable to say anything fearing Kulwant.

Sarab comes to Meher’s room and tells Param they are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow. Meher says she is not coming. Sarab says he didn’t ask her. He wants to take only Param for Dolly’s fashion show. They fight as Meher says Param has school tomorrow and he won’t go. Param gets annoyed and says he doesn’t want to sleep with either of them as they fight a lot.

Sarab and Meher look at each other and says they won’t fight in front of him anymore. Param leaves. The two starts throwing pillows at each other and fights again. Meher sees Param standing behind the curtain and continues to throw pillow but this time exchanging taunts sarcastically as if praising one another. Param talks to himself that these two think he is a fool but he knows they are still fighting. He leaves annoyed while Meher and Sarab look on.

Precap: Sarab comes to Param and Param says he knows they are still fighting that is why he has come alone to pacify him. Sarab sees Meher talking to someone on phone telling them to order everything in the list. She disconnects seeing Sarab.