Choti Sarrdaarni 16th October 2019 Written Update: IT department clears Sarab

Today’s episode starts with Meher trying to tell Sarab about IT investigation but he refuses to listen to anything she says and they start their nok-jhok by taunting each other. Amrita brings roti to Jagga and he says he doesn’t want it. Amrita tells him not to let his angry on someone who has not done anything. Amrita says he never says anything to Kulwant in spite of her wrongdoings. Amrita tells him because of her all that Meher’s drama happened. Jagga says that was different Meher loved Manav. Amrita says Bittu and jeeto love each other, and Jeeto is a sweet innocent girl. With this new alliance plan, Bittu and Jeeto both will get hurt. Jagga argues that whatever his mom has done so far is for the benefit of the family. Amrita taunts that Kulwant stopped Yuvi from school and now he is at home and being spoiled. They continue to argue and Jagga yells at Amrita. Yuvi sees them fighting and runs away.

Param video calls Yuvi and tells him he got a new car. He shows his toy car and Yuvi says it’s a kid’s car and goes on to his father’s car. Param says it’s a big car and Yuvi can’t drive it, whereas he can drive his car. He demonstrates by moving the car with the remote. Yuvi gets irked up and gets in the car and says he will drive it. He starts the car and gets scared. He quickly gets down and runs away.

Sarab, Param and Meher have their dinner. Meher makes Param sit next to her. Sarab tastes his food, its very spicy. He gets teary-eyed and asks the servant why it’s spicy. Meher chuckles and taunts him. Sarab watches Meher and Param have the same food without any problem. He doubts Meher and forcefully takes food from her plate and realizes her trick. Preeti teases Sarab for sharing food with his wife and blesses them. The flashback shows Meher adding lots of spice to Sarab food. Sarab glares at her. Just then maid comes and informs Meher that she got some parcels and she has kept it aside since Meher’s room was locked. Meher nervously thanks her. Sarab thinks people do wrong will only hide things and he hates it.

Jeeto comes home heavily drunk and asks Amrita to heat roti. She taunts him. Kulwant comes in and scolds Amrita. Jagga goes and switches on the stove to heat Roti himself. Kulwant says men must run the Kitchen not light it. She says she will do it for him and asks him to sit. Jagga tells Amrita that a mother who wakes up at midnight to feed her son can never be wrong. The next day Sarab gets a call from both landline and mobile. On landline, it’s IT officer asking him to come to their office at 11 am sharp. On the mobile its Yuvi asking him if he is coming for his Mother and father anniversary. Sarab answers both the calls simultaneously confusing the callers.He finally tells IT, officer, that he be there on time. He then tells Yuvi he has important work so can’t come. Yuvi gets upset and says neither he comes or lets Meher and Param comes and cuts the phone.

Sarab goes to Meher’s room and asks her why she hasn’t gone to her Bhai bhabhi anniversary party.She replies you know the reason. Sarab thinks only recently she gave money to her brother at her house now pretends to hate. Meher again tries to tell Sarab about yesterday but again ends up fighting with each other.IT officers declare that all his transactions are clear and that he has given the 25crores to his wife as a gift. They agree its all clean and that he is free to go. Sarab requests the officer not to involve Meher in all this.IT officer tells Sarab that they had already interrogated Meher yesterday but she was behaving as if it was all a joke. Sarab gets shocked. She says she would like to meet Meher again. Sarab requests her that now that his record is clear not to disturb her.

Jagga comes to meet Meher. She gives a gift for his anniversary and asks how come he is not at his own party. Jagga replies that he fought with Amrita due to their mother and tells her about Kulwant fixing Bittu’s alliance elsewhere. Meher smirks sarcastically and says its typically her mother to get her kids married to big property holders. Jagga sees Param playing with Meher’s checkbook. He gets shocked on seeing all signed blank cheques. She said she got into this practice when she was in college and mom wanted money. She made her sign the cheques in advance. Jagga says it’s very dangerous to change the habit now. Meher says already wrong happened and explains about the 25crores deposited in her account without her knowledge. Jagga gets stunned.

Precap: Sarab gives another blank cheque and says like that 25 crores take this too. Dolly gets shocked and tells her to get out of the house. Meher leaves with her bags.