Choti Sarrdaarni 24th October 2019 Written Update: Sarab spies on the bank to catch the real culprit:

Today’s episode starts with Jagga and Amrita rushing to the house and sees Bittu crying on the floor with a pistol next to him. He knocks Kulwant’s door panicked. Rana too cries. Jagga asks what happened and if Jeeto came. He replied she did and flashback shows Kulwant puts a red dupatta on her head and blesses her while a shocked Bittu keeps his pistol back under his shirt hurriedly. Kulwant slaps Bittu then angrily tells him that for a girl he is ready to kill his mother. Bittu cries. Kulwant takes the pistol and forcefully keeps it in her forehead and asks him to shoot her. Jeeto tries to stop but she yells at Jeeto to stay out of it. She throws all three of them outside and closes the door.

Jagga consoles Bittu. Meher calls Amrita and she tells her that all is well we worried for nothing. Meher says no we had every reason to worry and tells her to take care of family and manage everything. Amrita asks her why is she talking like that where is she going. Meher disconnects the call hearing a knock. She opens the door and gives someone a bag and tells him to share it among others equally Not more or less and that She will leave tomorrow.

Amrita talks to someone on phone and says she will be there shortly. Bittu asks whose call. Amrita replies Jeeto called and invited us for lunch, its her dadi’s birthday. Bittu says he knows and he says he has important work and will meet them there directly. Amrita wonders how come everyone has important work today, even Jagga left early saying the same. Amrita massages Kulwant’s forehead and tells her about Jeeto Dadi’s birthday and lunch invitation. Kulwant asks how old is she. Amrita replies 90 and Kulwant gets surprised and teases at this age its time to light candles for her and she is blowing candles in cake. She tells Amrita she has important work so cant go with them but asks her to get nice gifts otherwise Bittu will utter something . Amrita says she is thinking of getting silk suits. Suddenly they hear voice in the hall.

Amrita and Kulwant rushes out and sees Rana asking Yuvi to give something. It turned out to be the hidden camera. They get shocked and Kulwant realised it must be Romi who is spying on them.

Sarab assistant calls Him and says they have set up surveillance outside the bank in a van and everyone going as per plan. The minute Meher does any transaction we will see it and game over. Sarab takes Param and leaves.

Bittu arrives at the bank and Sarab assistant updates him over call. Soon Kulwant and Jagga arrive at the same bank seperately. Sarab says he needs update now on Meher. Meher travels in a cab and it crosses Sarab’s car. Sarab asks the driver to follow.

Amrita, Yuvi and Rana reaches Jeeto house and are greeted happily by her parents. Amrita says Mummyji has some panchayat problem to solve hence couldn’t come. They get surprised to see Jeeto’s dadi who dances to a fast music. She even dances with Rana. Rana gives her gift and says his mummyji got her walnuts. Dadi says give her a kiss I love walnuts and bites one from her teeth breaking it in one bite shocking everyone with her strength.

Meher cab meets with an accident and she hails another one. Sarab and Param arrives inside van and soon Meher comes in. Sarab asks the team to focus on her. Suddenly the power goes off in the cameras. His assistant goes outside. He sees Bittu leaving. Soon Jagga leaves with only a file in hand. After sometime Kulwant too leaves with only a file.

Jeeto mother asks about Meher leaving house and Jeeto scolds her Bittu has told them not to talk about that. Amrita soon hears two ladies gossiping about how Sarab has thrown Meher out of house.

Meher talks to the manager and power too comes back in the surveillance room. At Sarab house Preeti tells Sarab sister that Dolly called from Mumbai and her trip is extended. She is also angry and upset about Meher issue. Romi says we all know who the culprit is but just need to get them caught red handed.

Back at Kulwant house, she tells Jagga to get 4 bags and 25 crores is a big amount. Jagga says yes it’s a huge amount bit we have less time so let me do the planning. Kulwant tells him to do the planning later but first get the bags he agrees and leaves. Meher goes towards manager’s room and sarab thinks its time to catch the thief red handed.

Precap:Sarab rushes to the bank manager room. the manager keeps all cash inside a bag and gives it saying Meher kaur Dillon zindabad. Sarab holds her hand and says her place in jail.