Choti Sarrdaarni 6th January 2020 Written Update: Param’s Dastar Bandi Function

Today’s episode begins with Sarab checking if all arrangements are done properly. Param and Sarab wish happy lohri to the baby in Meher’stummy. Sarab keeps a hand on her tummy to feel the kick. Amrita calls Jeeto and says Jagga insist on giving gift and money separately and wonders how Meher family will take it. Jeeto agrees and tells her even Bittu insist same. Amrita tells Jeeto that in these two months everything has changed because of that chewing gum Incident and the brothers stopped talking to eachother. Jeeto sadly agrees and says they had come to a point where they had to speak over phone even living in the same house. Amrita asks Jeeto to sit at the back with her so they can put money in same envelope.

Robby’s mother and his filmy sister Ginny arrives. Ginny starts saying filmy dialogues. Meher selects pagdi for Param. Harleen comes and scolds Meher and servant telling them she will decide what her Param should wear and selects a pagdi. Meher tells her that Param hates that color. Harleen insist Param will only wear this. Harleen’s mother in law and Ginny come inside and seeing them she thinks she have to behave nicely to Meher now in front of them. She welcomes them and properly introduce them to Meher and vice versa. Meher excuses herself to oversee the arrangements Harleen as asked for. Harleen also asks her to change the flowers. Mom in law is impressed that Harleen rules in her maike. Harleen says yes everything happen in this house as per her wish.

Param wishes everyone Lohri and Sarab tells Param that Lohri is in evening and they are celebrating 3 things today one isParam’s dastarBandi, then Lohri and the first kick of baby. Meher smiles happily and says now Param has become a big boy. Kulwant, Rana and others get ready to leave for function. Yuvi complain he wont come in same car with his father and Bittu else they will start fighting blaming him. Jeeto comes and was about to get inside car, Bittu asks her to sit on his bike. Jeeto whispers to Amrita they can change envelope at venue. She pretend to be glad Bittu is taking his bike as she detest traveling with them.

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Meher shows return gift to Harleen and asks if she want to add anything. Harleen tells her to place gold coins instead of silver and ask to add fruits. Harleen makes her in-laws to sit. A servant comes and asks for payment. Harleen removes keys from her hip and both Mother in law and Ginny praise over her command of this house. Mom in law tells Harleen she is impressed that a house which has a daughter in law is allowing the daughter of the house to rule. Meher tells her this house do not differentiate between daughter and daughter in law. Robby’s mother asks him to tell Harleen to find a rich groom for Ginny too. Robby says he thought about and hence brought them here from Canada.

Kulwant and family arrives. Kulwant greets Dolly and greets Harleen and shows her the card. She asks Harleen if she thought she would keep quiet for omitting her family name on the card. Episode ends.

Precap –Yuvi tells Param , Meher was the one who tied his turban on his DastarBandi and She ties it tight and Perfect.