Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Argument over Amrita’s rights to bring dangerous outcome in Gill’s and Dhillons life

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Argument over Amrita’s rights to bring dangerous outcome in Gill’s and Dhillons life

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to witness twists and turns in the story ahead. Argument over Amrita’s rights is creating tiff between Meher and Kulwant. Where Meher just want to help Amrita for her rights, Kulwant’s ego is getting hurt in this process. She already planned and plotted many things to stop Amrita working outside but Meher is coming in between it by becoming her Bhabhi’s support.

In the current track viewers are watching the Lohri track where Meher and Param’s differences got sorted out and they are planning to go for a holiday in Darjeeling. Gills and Dhillons celebrates Lohri with a mix of happiness and Tashan. Meher on side is happy on her reconciliation with Param but on the other side is tensed thinking how to convince Orthodox Kulwant for Amrita’s rights. Amrita is also stressed between all this.

Meher Somehow in the Lohri Celebrations and Boli and wish ceremony makes her brother Jagga realize that ‘Wife is as important as Mother’. Jagga’s consent and Meher’s announcement for Amrita’s coaching center hurts Kulwant’s ego and pride to the extent that she leaves the celebrations in between.

Kulwant reaches her house and burns Amrita’s maiden goods (things from Amrita’s mother’s house) along with her coaching center board. Something from this fire causes a blast and injure Kulwant’s eyes. Everyone reach there and worry for her. Doctor is called, Kulwant looks tensed because of instant blindness. Doctor too will inform Kulwant’s family of her blindness. He tells family that chances of getting Kulwant’s vision back are less.

Kulwant and whole family will blame Amrita again and again for this mishap. But Meher will stand for her Amrita Bhabhi, but even Jagga in anger blame Amrita and Meher. Jagga will even ask Amrita to leave.

In Upcoming episode viewers will get to see that Bittu will inform and shock everyone by telling that Amrita left the house. Meher on the other side will reach gill house and sob in Sarabjit’s arms. He will try to console her and ask her not to worry he will go with her to visit Kulwant next day. Harleen will interrupt him by saying that tomorrow they are going to Darjeeling. Sarabjit will reply that now he is cancelling the plan as Kulwant lost her eyesight. This decisions of Sarabjit will make Harleen and Param annoyed.

As we reported in or earlier reports, that in further episodes leap will be introduced. This leap will be of 5-10 years, which change every character’s life. This leap will be introduced in the end of January. Before this leap Jagga will die and Meher will get trapped in his murder as shown in the recent promos. Even Meher and Jagga’s huge argument from last episode indicates that Meher will be blamed for his murder because of two reasons, first her argument with Jagga for Amrita’s rights and second her fingerprint will appear on ten weapon (knife) of Jagga’s murder. All post-leap introductory sequences will be shot at Kashmir.

As per information from sources, Meher will get imprisoned for her brother’s murder for 5-10 years. Param and Karan will grow up and new actors will be roped to play their characters. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Avinesh Rekhi’s chemistry is loved by fans and thus they will very much be a part of the show. Jeeto and Ginni will also have kids. Kevina Tak will also remain part of the show as her Character is as much loved as Meher and Sarab’s chemistry, but Kevina will be shown as Meher and Sarab’s third child. Yes, Meher and Sarab will have another child. We have also heard that post leap Amrita will take over Dhillon house charges. In Meher’s absence, Harleen will fill Param’s heart with hatred for Meher.

Is this Kulwant’s another plan to stop Amrita or she has truly become blind? How will situation reach Jagga’s death? Will Sarabjit be able to save Meher? Who will actually be Jagga’s Murderer?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Choti Sarrdaarni, stay tuned to this space.