Namak Issk Ka 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Yug accuses Kahani for Rupa’s suicide.

Namak Issk Ka 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Yug tells Rony to tell him about what happened between him and Rupa. Rony tells you want to listen I will tell you,Gunjan comes there and hugs him. Rony leaves from there. Gunjan asks Yug you are very close to her and all this happened before you marriage. Yug promises her that he won’t let her get a scratch and as soon as I find out the cause I will destroy it.

Yug stops Kahani outside his house and asks her why is she here? She lies that she is here to meet Raunak. Doctor tells there is nothing to worry she will gain consciousness soon. Raunak’s mother asks him what is wrong? What happened with her? He tells she will answer when she gains consciousness.

Yug drags Kahani on terrace and tells do you want me to throw you from here? My bhabhi maa was about to fall from here,it seemed she was jumping from here but in reality she was pushed. He accuses her of pushing Rupa and tells she found out about your Raunak’s relationship that is why she took this step. He tells Kahani to answer. Her wound starts bleeding and Yug tells once Rupa gains consciousness I will destroy the cause of her jumping. He warns and leaves her alone on terrace.

Yug punches wall in anger till his hand starts bleeding. Kahani wipes blood of her wound. Patanga calls Yug and tells him Rupa is gaining consciousness. Yug asks her if she is fine . Kahani comes there to see Rupa. Iravati tells her how dare she visit here. She threatens her not to make her repeat her words. Rupa tells she called Kahani her. Rony thinks of telling everyone that he loves Kahani. Rupa tells I called her to talk with her but I didn’t know all this will happen with him.

Yug asks Rupa why did you jump from terrace? Everyone is shocked to listen that she tried to suicide and questions her why did she do that? Rupa tells Gunjan’s marriage had so many trouble so I kept mannat to chandradev and when there is trouble in marriage heart breaks. I went to pray on upstairs and my leg slipped. Yug asks her if she is telling the truth. Kahani thinks why is she hiding the truth.

Rupa tells if my death can bring happiness to Yug and Gunjan I would be very happy. Raunak sits near Rupa,she thinks about all the things he told her . Yug’s mother asks why did she call Kahani here? Iravati looks at Yug staring at Kahani and tells calling her was a mistake and now I will rectify the mistake. She tells Kahani to leave. Rupa tells she wants to talk to Kahani it is important. Iravati tells nothing is more important thn her health and asks Kahani to leave.

Kahani walks in pain due to her wound. Yug walks behind her as BM plays. She is about to faint,Yug catches her as she falls. Oo Sajanva Naina tose lage re plays in BM as Yug picks her up. He takes her inside her house and changes her bandaid. Yug tells I thought I was a great businessman but I couldn’t make this deal. I did not want to hurt you,I gave you this wound and I got the pain. He tells life would have been easy if we were not like this. He tells Rani Kahani was hurt but now she is okay and she will gain consciousness soon. Kahani holds his hand as he is about to leave.

Raunak tells Yug did not tell everyone the truth because of this. Harsh asks Rupa if she okay and he hugs her. Raunak thinks he will die of suspense.

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