Choti Sarrdarrni 31st July 2020 Written Update: Ginny traps Kulwant in domestic violence

Choti Sarrdarrni 31st July 2020 Written Update  on

Episode starts with Param talking to baby that it’s a very special today as he is going have naamkaaran and no one will call him chotta baby after today. Param tells the baby that when Param was named, he wasn’t there now his super big brother will be there when he is going to be named. Yuvi video calls Param and he tells him that he is busy looking after baby. He shows her the baby to Yuvi. Yuvi says that as his father isn’t there he has more responsibility. They disconnect. Meher appreciate Param and tells him that he should always take care and protect chotta baby as a super big brother. Param agrees happily.

Jeeto, Amrita, Bittu, Rana all are cleaning the house meticulously as Kulwant guides them. Jeeto tells her that Ginny is on video call.  Rana tells Kulwant everything is ready but she slaps him and tells that everyone is cleaning and working as Meher, Sarab along with baby are coming home while his Ginny is video calling. Rana says Ginny has nail paint and it will be ruined if she cleans. Kulwant threaten him to get her. Ginny speaks to someone on phone crying that her mother in law is always beating her and ask when they are coming. Rana comes and begs her to come out just to atleast show her face. Ginny says she will show tamasha now. Kulwant sees Ginny coming and deliberately kicks bucket and soap water rums on the floor however Ginny cleverly walks around it. Ginny moves Kulwant’s chair without anyone noticing and Kulwant falls down. Everyone helps her up as she stares at a smiling Ginny. Kulwant takes a step but slips on the soapy water. Ginny asks teasingly how did she fall on soapy water. Kulwant remove her shoe and says she will show now.

Param tells Sarab that Meher is getting ready and asked not to disturb. Sarab decides its perfect time to make her wear the necklace. Sarab is dazzled by Meher as she is getting ready. He helps her tie the dori. Aditi is on a rock chair thinking about Meher’s call inviting her. Bheem asks what has she decided about naamkaran. Aditi says that she spent entire night thinking about it. She asks Bheem to get a bouquet and says its time for her to do something she was not able to do before.

Meher tells Sarab that Aditi confirmed that she is coming but says that Harleen hasn’t come out from her room all morning and she wish that Harleen gives her blessings to chote baby. Sarab says they will get Harleen blessing and brings her down. They are surprised to see Harleen all dressed up and decorating hall. She congratulates Sarab and Meher. Param tells Meher that Harleen has bought so many gifts for Baby. Harleen asks them both to forget what happened and tells them she don’t want to be angry with her brother and bhabi for a baby. She gives new dress to Meher for baby. Meher gets emotional and thanks her by hugging her. Harleen smirks behind. Meher leaves to dress baby. Sarab asks Harleen to name baby. Harleen happily says she will as she is his bua. She and Robby exchange wicked smile.

Kulwant hits Ginny with shoe, but they hear a voice. Women Police comes and tells Kulwant that they are arresting her for domestic violence case. Kulwant is shocked but laughs and says what is she talking about. Police tells her that she was going to hit Ginny with her shoes. Kulwant says she was going to hit cockroach with it and ask if she has any proof that she was going to hit Ginny. She sends the inspector away and locks the door. Kulwant hits Ginny with her shoe telling Ginny how dare she will try to file a domestic violence case on her. Ginny angrily says that she had locked the door but forgot to turn off camera. Ginny picks up mobile from table and says she had recorded everything. Kulwant is stunned seeing the video. Ginny tells Kulwant now she will show her , her place. Amrita is worried.

Meher starts her NokJhok with Sarab but he tells her not to fight today as today is their Bandru’s naamkaaran. Meher smiles and agrees to postpone it. She asks him to choose which necklace to wear. Sarab makes her close her eyes and was about to make her wear the diamond necklace he bought, but Meher’s phone rings. He quickly puts it back in his pocket. Meher asks Amrita why she didn’t pick up the phone. Amrita gives some excuse and Meher tells her that is extremely happy as Harleen has given her blessing to baby and has bought many gifts and dress too for him. Amrita cries but quickly hides it from Meher and just asks when they are coming home. Meher tells her by evening and disconnects. Jeeto asks Amrita why she didn’t tell what happened with Ginny. Amrita tells her that she didn’t want to ruin her happiness and they should handle the situation until Meher comes.

Aditi gets a phone call and confirms when the news is going to aired. She gets happy and thanks her friend. She takes her mother’s photo from cupboard and says after that day, she is now going to step inside Gill Mansion. She asks for her mother’s blessings so that everything happen as per her plan. She vows that Sarab and his entire family are going to ruined now. Param tells Sarab he is on tc while switching channel. Harleen, Robby and Sarab are shocked when the reporter announce Sarab is suspected to be involved in an 2000crore scam.

Precap – Sarab request Harleen not to let Meher know about this problem until the function gets over. Param goes to kitchen and tells  Meher that Sarab is on tv.