Dheere Dheere Se 17th January 2023 Written Update: Jagjivan takes a stand for Bhawana

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The episode starts with Bhawana smiles looking at the cheque and goes towards her house. On the way she plays with the kids. Other side Swati inquires for what reason both Shastri’s and Srivastav’s have disputes at the end. Savita tells once upon a time both Brij Mohan and Jagjivan are friends despite there is a dispute between the two family about the land all she knows is they had a ugly fight over the land which she isn’t aware. The FB shows both Brij Mohan and Jagjivan gets into an argument over the land in the police station. The FB ends. Savita tells that Jagjivan won the case so in order to take revenge Brij Mohan agrees to support Vikas and Poonam who are staying with the Shastri’s. Brij Mohan arrives there shocking Savita and Swati. Bhawana shows the family members the insurance cheque to everyone happily and gives it to Bhanu.

She also says he can break his mouna virad also. Bhanu takes the cheque in his hand and smiles. He then says MahaKal. After that he starts taunting Bhawana which shocks the latter. Brij Mohan asks both Swati and Savita what they are talking about but they both remains silent so he ends up asking them to bring a tea for him then leaves. Swati in the kitchen thinks the dispute reason is the land. So it must be strong and she has to use Bhawana in this to make everything a mess.

Bhawana gets confused by Bhanu’s behavior and tells him that she don’t understand what he is trying to say. Bhanu mocks at her saying she wants everyone to learn he got the money because of her right? Bhawana gets shocked and tells him that she didn’t thought that way she is just expressing her happiness.

Bhanu tells her he could have appreciated her if she brought the money on time but no because of which he faced humiliation. Jagjivan scolds Bhanu for blaming Bhawana for his mistakes. He further asks him is he asked Bhawana’s opinion when he fixed Abhishek’s marriage with Meera or when he took money from Afsan Khan mortgaging his vehicle then why he is accusing her. He also tells him people often spend more money for their daughter’s wedding but here he is doing all this for his son’s marriage.

Bhanu says that he has to do all this to prove and teach a lesson to Srivastav’s that only happens when their status in the society improves and he will do or go to any extend for this. Jagjivan says that he knows well Bhanu is the one who acts as a head of this family and takes care of everything so he is talking like this not even listening to him then leaves the place. Bhanu says to Bhawana that he wants to tell her something and then says after Abhishek and Meera’s marriage they both will stay in his and Malini’s room. Malini and him will stay in her room.

Bhawana gets confused and tells him but she and Aanchal is staying there. Bhanu asks her to stay with Aanchal in the kitchen as she is the one who refused to sell the upstairs room also told him they will get the room’s custody for sure. Once they win the case like she told she can get her room though. He further adds that he isn’t forcing her to do anything whatever decision she takes they will agree to her. If she don’t want to stay in kitchen then she has agree with him to sell the upstairs then leaves. Aanchal throws one of the utensil from the kitchen angrily and looks at Bhawana.

Other side Raghav goes to Gaurav and asks him why he is staying this late even he saw Brij Mohan is in his room. Gaurav tells they are waiting for one of their important client. Raghav is about to smoke but recalls Bhawana’s reminder so decides not to smoke. Gaurav asks him the reason and Raghav tells him about the promise he made to Brij Mohan also out of habit he took the cigarette.

Raghav and Gaurav jokes around. Gaurav tells Raghav that he knows the latter is stressed so asks to share whatever he feels to lessen the burden. Raghav recalls Bhawana’s words about how her life changed after Deepak’s demise and says there are so many people facing more problems than him in this world. Their staff informs Gaurav the client is arrives so the latter leaves the place. Raghav wonders who is the client that Brij Mohan is agreed to meet after office hours. Other side Aanchal complains about the power cut.

She then asks Bhawana to have sweet but the latter refuses saying it’s for Bhanu. Aanchal asks Bhawana why she wants the upstairs room which Bhawana tells for her father it’s important. Aanchal shares with Bhawana about the memory all three of them created in this very room and says she don’t want to lose this room. She also asks what if they lose the case what will happen. Bhawana asks Aanchal to not to say such things also they have no other options but to win this case and looks on.

Precap: Bhawana asks Bhanu thirty thousand to pay for Aanchal’s school trip also lawyer’s fee. Bhanu gives her a part amount and asks her to choose what is her priority and spend accordingly. Bhawana gets stunned.

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