Divya and Drishti 21st September 2019 Written Update: Divya and Drishti gets saved by divine intervention

The episode begins with Pishachini is angry with Divya and Drishti come back and she is trying to attack them when Divya and Drishti also display their powers on Pishachini and says don’t even think of doing any silly thing with us.

They are arguing with Pishachini when Rakshit comes there and asks what is going on? Pishachini starts to act victim on seeing him and behaves like she is being tortured by these people. Rakshit comes and hold Pishachini and says if anyone does anything with my wife then I will not tolerate it at all. Pishachini is my wife and taking care of her is my responsibility.

Pisachini shows Drishti and says to Rakshit she wants to marry you but you rejected her and marry me so she hates me so much and came to take revenge on me. Rakshit is about to confront Drishti but Pishachini stops him from doing so. She asks him to go room and take a rest and mocks Drishti. She taunts Drishti that she used to take pride in her marriage and Rakshit so much and now that Rakshit, her husband is taking care of her and slamming Drishti. Drishti gets angry but keeps quiet in front of her. Pishachini challenges them to get them drowned in water along with the immersion of Ganapati idol. Drishti says we will see who did what at the spot.

Drishti is thinking about solution of all the problems and what kind of weapon she is trying to make Rakshit when Mahima comes and says just like my child got the powers from my father, Pishachini is trying her best to give birth to the kid of Rakshit from her womb to get the powers. Drishti feels raged and says nothing of that sort would happen as I won’t let any such things to happen. She goes to Rakshit to make him understand the facts and he hugs her.

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Elsewhere, Divya and Romi gets worried about Drishti and goes to find out when Pisachini captures Divya too. The whole housemates are trying to find out the sisters duo but they are nowhere to be seen. In such a moment, it was revealed that Rakshit is supporting pishachini to trap Drishti and Divya. The housemates pray to God to take care of both the sisters as they might be in danger. Pishachini traps Divya and Drishti in a box and spells in magic so that no one can see them. All the family members of Shergill prepared for the immersion of the idol. The comes near the water area and Pisachini brings the trunk with her as well too to throw Divya and Drishti in water.

Pishachini throws the trunk in the water and things the story of Divya Drishti is over now. God intervenes in the process and saves both the sisters and traps Pishachini. Divya and Drishti come out of the water and all the family members do Hail Lord Ganesha.

Divya Drishti back home and meet the family members when Rakshit comes and ask about Pishachini. Drishti feels upset to see Rakshit is not even remembering their moments. Later on, Drishti gets revision that Vishal jini is trying to come close to Rakshit. She thinks of a plan and decides to use her powers as a weapon. Divya also accompanies her and as per the plan she purposely goes and picks a fight with Pishachini.

Precap : Lord Kaal attacks on a disguised Drishti.