Divya Drishti to combined their powers to defeat pishachini

Star Plus popular weekend show Divya Drishti is finally e reaching on a high point of the show. Since the beginning, the show used to revolve around too long lost sisters holding some special powers in them is looking for each other around them. One of the sisters who can see the future and another who can change the future are always hunting for their mom murderer. As we have seen in
the show after a lot of drama and twist and turns finally Divya Drishti came to know about each
other real identity and finally is aware of them being birth sisters. But there search for the murderer
of their mother was still on till they stumbled upon Preeto Masi who is none other than pishachini
in human form.

Divya Drishti to combined their powers to defeat pishachini
While pishachini wants to kill the sister duo as they can be a threat to her existence. On the other side, both the sisters finally trust the murder of their mother and decided to finish her off. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the audience will get to see that Preeto who was sitting in a Puranmashi puja held at Shergill house will also be a part of a huge fight between her and the sister duo. Three of them will indulge in a huge war where all of them will use their powers in a bigger and massive way. In between the fight, the sisters realized that alone they can’t fight pishachini and defeat her so the decision to combine their powers together and fight against her. After a huge try and a dreadful battle, Divya and Drishti will be able to kill Pishachini. However, the story doesn’t end here at all. After the death of pishachini her venomous soul will possess the body of one of the sisters. Hence, it will create havoc in the lives of both the sisters and also Shergill family. How will they fight out this situation and successfully rescue themselves is something we have to wait and see.

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