Durga Aur Charu 16th January 2023 Written Update: Durga scares Chumki as ghost

Durga Aur Charu 16th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Binoy tells Chaturbhuj that the latter was supposed to come later according to his father. Chaturbhuj tells him that he called Durga. Durga says that she forgot to inform them. Binoy tells police officer that they searched the whole palace and Charu is not there. Police officer apologizes to him and leaves from there with his team. Polash asks Chaturbhuj that how the latter came alone. Chaturbhuj lies to him that Kaka dropped him outside the palace. He says that it looks like he did wrong by coming there so he should return with Kaka. He screams ghost seeing Bholi.

Bholi tells him that she is mother of Bholi. He tells her that she is looking like his Bhupi who looked like chudail. He jumps on her and shakes her. She gets tired and tells him that she is not his Bhupi. He sits on the floor and starts crying. Durga tells Binoy that Chaturbhuj is heartbroken. Binoy asks Bholi to become Chaturbhuj’s Bhupi for few days. Bholi tells Chaturbhuj that he can call her Bhupi. Chaturbhuj gets happy and jumps on her. He tells Sampurna that Vimala Bhupi did his upbringing and she only named him as Chaturbhuj. He makes Bholi dance. He asks her to feed food to him.

Sampurna goes to serve food. Everyone eats. Chaturbhuj says that no one can beat Bholi’s handmade food. He asks her to cook food from tomorrow. He bites her hand saying that his Bhupi never gets angry at him. Binoy says that he has to inform Chaturbhuj’s family that Chaturbhuj has been arrived. He calls but no response from other side. Chaturbhuj notices that Durga cut the wire.

Durga takes Chaturbhuj to her room. They laughs talking about Bholi’s expressions. They plans to separate Bholi and Chumki. Charu decides to stay with Bholi like a shadow. Durga decides to find proof using Chumki. Later, Chaturbhuj tells Chumki that he will stay with Bholi in her room. He pushes Chumki and hugs Bholi. Chumki fights with Chaturbhuj and removes his cap. Bholi asks Chaturbhuj about his hair. Durga comes there and scolds Chaturbhuj for pushing Chumki. She fixes his hair in that process. She says that she won’t let anyone hurt Chumki. She takes Chumki to her room.

After some time, Durga tells ghost story to Chumki. Bholi tells Chaturbhuj that she is ghost of his Vimala Bhupi. Chaturbhuj tells her that he want to be with her. She tells him that she will beat him. He threatens to complain to Binoy about her. He sits on the floor and screams for help. She closes his mouth in fear and asks him to calm down. He fills her face with red color. He thinks that he has to keep Bholi with him until Durga finds out the truth from Chumki.

Chumki searches Durga. Durga scares her by talking like Baanke. She recalls that how she learnt about Charu’s family from Charu. She demands apology and truth from her. Chumki screams in fear.

Bholi hears Chumki’s scream and runs to Durga’s room. She finds no one there. Charu notices that Chumki is hiding behind the curtain and Durga escaped. She murmurs to Bholi that there is a ghost behind the curtain. Bholi removes the curtain. Chumki gets scared seeing her face and runs from there. Everyone gathers in the hall hearing Chumki’s scream. Bholi gets confused seeing their expression.

Polash shows mirror to her. She screams seeing her face. Sumona scolds him for helping Bholi. Binoy tells Chumki that Bholi is not ghost. Chumki tells him that she saw ghost. Durga comes there and pretends like getting scared seeing Bholi. She says that she went to bring water for Chumki. Chumki claims that she saw Baanke’s ghost. Bholi stops her and takes her from there. Chumki tells Bholi everything. Bholi suspects that Durga came as ghost.

Episode ends.