Durga Aur Charu 18th January 2023 Written Update: Charu saves Durga from the kidnappers

Durga Aur Charu 18th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Durga asks Polash to not leave her with kidnappers. Polash tells her that he can’t beat all the kidnappers so he will return with money for her. Chaturbhuj throws stone on Polash’s head and the latter loses his consciousness. He attacks the kidnappers too and he tells Durga to run. Durga also attacks kidnappers. Chumki hides from everyone in fear and she loses her consciousness. Charu tells Durga that the latter proved that she is courageous girl. Durga tells her that she becomes like this when Charu is with her.

On the other hand, Bholi wakes up and thinks that Polash would have returned with Bholi. She assumes that Chaturbhuj is sleeping and she is about to kick him but stops hearing Sampurna’s voice. Sampurna takes Bholi to pray to God for girls safety.

Binoy thinks that it’s already night and Polash did not return with girls yet. Sampurna pleads God to protect Durga and Chumki. Sumona asks her to think about her too. She says that she will die if anything happened to Polash then. Sampurna tells her that nothing will happen to them. Durga brings Chumki there. Sumona worries about Polash. Police officer tells them that he brought girls. He claims that Durga saved Chumki’s life and he admitted Polash in the hospital. He says that Durga attacked kidnappers and called him. He tells Durga that he is proud of her and leaves from there. Binoy hugs Durga. He takes Chumki to the room.

Bholi wonders that when Polash will return. She asks Chaturbhuj to wake up. Chaturbhuj tells her that he was dreaming and she was playing with gold and diamonds in his dream. He says that snake bite her at end of the dream and he bites her hand. Servant informs Bholi that Chumki returned. Bholi gets happy and runs from the room.

Doctor tells Binoy that he injected Chumki and she is scared so they should take care of her. Bholi comes there and tries to wake Chumki. Doctor says that Chumki need rest now and leaves from there. Bholi gets shocked seeing Durga there. Polash enters the room. Sampurna tells Bholi that Durga saved Chumki from kidnappers. Sumona tells Polash that he insulted her. Binoy and Sampurna gets proud of Durga.

Later, Bholi wonders that how Durga attacked kidnappers alone. Chaturbhuj comes there and jumps on her. She asks him to sleep. He tells her that Durga claimed that Chumki told her about Baanke’s truth. He asks her that who is Baanke. She recalls that how she tried to kill Baanke. He says that he also want to know Baanke’s truth. She tells him that he is Durga’s friend so she won’t tell him anything and she throws him out of the house.

Next day, Durga tells Charu that Bholi will tell the truth to her. Charu tells her that she is scared that Chumki will reveal the truth to Bholi. Durga asks her to win Bholi’s trust because Chumki won’t recover now.

Episode ends.

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