Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th January 2021 Written Update: Avni is angry.

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Suman, Shravan and misunderstandings!

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Episode begins with Suman asking Shravan to tell him what he wishes her to do. Shravan tells her to talk to Dua sir about CO sir’s posting request. Suman is unable to say no but is confused how to talk to Dua sir. Suman is about to say anything but one assitant comes and informa Suman that Gujral sir is waiting for her. Suman says she will meet him afterwards and she might get late today. Shravan wonders if Suman will talk to Dua sir.

Here, CO sir tells Shravan that from sources he got to know that Suman has not talked about his posting yet. CO sir says did you talk to her. Shravan says yes sir. CO sir says maybe she doesn’t feel like keeping your thing but that’s your personal matter. Shravan says he believes in Suman and she will surely talk. CO sir says good then.

Here, Gujral sir tells Suman how the sports tournament will be very important one and Dua sir needs more events and more participants. Gujral sir gives her a list of last year’s participants. Suman thinks how to tell what Shravan said. Gujral sir asks Suman to participate in shooting as well and ask Shravan to participate too. Suman says she will do that. The meeting ends and Suman is unable to keep forward the request.

Here, Bunty and Kanchan will reach a chai tapri and Kanchan will see it’s full. Kanchan will say let’s go somewhere else as here it’s full. Bunty says don’t worry see that last table is empty let’s go there. Kanchan goes and Bunty goes to order.

Kanchan is about to sit but a nail in the table makes Kanchan’s kurti tear away from side. Kanchan worries and tries safety pin to fix it but she is unable to fix it. Bunty comes with garam garam samosa. Bunty looks at Kanchan and feels something is not right. Bunty asks Kanchan. Kanchan shows him the kurti. Bunty says how did this happen. Bunty says let’s go back home.
Kanchan thinks she can’t get up because rhe kurti might get more torn. Bunty says but you do need to get up. Kanchan says I will when everyone leaves, you go I will leave later. Bunty says you are my friend and best friend so I won’t go leaving you in trouble. Bunty makes everyone come to somewhere and tries to distract them all.

Kanchan sneaks out to the bike and then Bunty also goes. They are ridinv the bike and Kanchan feels happy that Bunty thinks she is his best friend. Kanchan will keep her hands on his shoulders. They will reacg home and they will say goodbye and Bunty will say the treat is due. Kanchan will thank Bunty.

In the Malhotras, Avni is shown a pic of Devraj’s friend’s son and is asked how he is. Avni says I don’t know anything about him how can I say. Kavita says he is son of Devraj’s friend. Suman also reaches and Suman is also asked. Suman says he seems okay but what happened? Devraj tells her that they are looking for Avni’s rishta.

Avni gets upset and goes from there. Rajender says I will go and check. Shravan says she is angry on adults let me go. Kavita says Suman is the right person to go as she is a girl and Avni can share better. Shravan will feel bad that here also Suman is asked to do everything.

Later, in room Shravan will ask Suman what is wrong with Avni. Suman says don’t worry she needs time it’s okay. Shravan then asks if she asked to Dua sir. Suman says I had the meeting but was unable to.

Shravan says it’s fine you can tell me you can’t do it as you don’t want to mix personal and professional life and I don’t want you to break your fundamentals you have for yourself. Suman thinks if Shravan means it. Shravan will go sayinv he will check on rajendar.

Precap: Suman will see a sleeping Shravan and will look at him and think how he knows his Shravan really well but do you really mean it? Next day CO sir will tell Shravan I got the letter from Dua sir and got to know whether or not Suman has talked to him. Shravan is about to give explaination but Suman also salutes to CO sir.

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