Namak Issk Ka 11th February 2021 Written Update: Yug finishes the rituals of his marriage with Kahani.

Namak Issk Ka 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Yug thinks about Raunak’s word and him marrying Kahani. Rupa tells I asked you so many times but you didn’t even tell me once,if you would have told me all this wouldn’t have happened. Yug tells the same to her. He tells it is his duty to protect her tears. Rupa asks Yug to tell if he has any feeling for Kahani? Yug tells he did everything only for Rupa and nothing else. Yug tells you are married to Raunak, and till I am here no one can break this relation.

Gunjan prepares for her grahpravesh. She tells I know Yug married Kahani but he doesn’t believe in that marriage. Rupa asks Gunjan what is she doing? Iravati tells Gunjan is right. Yug’s mother tell Yug married Kahani. Gunjan tells Yug is mine and he will remain mine. Yug’s grandmother tells I don’t accept his marriage with Kahani. Juhi tells but he his married to Kahani. Iravati tells I am with amma,we should throw Kahani out of this house.

Kahani tells I can leave myself,I am not here to get insulted. She tells maybe your house is big but your thinking is very narrow minded. Kahani tells I can’t tolerate more of the taunts. Kahani is leaving the house but she falls down. Yug looks at Raunak staring at Kahani and remembers him saying he will marry her some day.

Yug pulls Kahani inside the house as she is about to step out and her hands get imprinted on his kurta. He tells Kahani now you are my wife and a wife’s place is in her husband’s house. Yug picks up Kahani in his arms and enters the house and he does the rituals of grahpravesh without realizing. Everyone looks shocked at Yug as he walks aways with Kahani.

Yug’s grandmother tells coins are given to dancers,they are not given pearls so please don’t cry. Gunjan tells how could Yug say Kahani is his wife? Yug’s mother tries to calm Gunjan. She tells she knows how it feels to loose someone own. Iravati tells whatever happened was done by your sons. She tells my daughter is my pride and how can a dancer break my pride.

Iravati tells I will write happiness in my daughter’s life and she takes Gunjan with her. Yug places Kahani on the bed and closes the room. Kahani asks why did he close the door? She asks Yug not to come close to her why is he coming near her? Yug tells even I don’t believe in this marriage. This relation is a cage for both of us. Kahani tells Yug to leave her hand. Yug ties her hands to the bed and ties her legs.

Kahani shouts to free her. Raunak tells what kind of brother have you given me. He married is almost to be sister-in-law. I get scared when I see Iravati. Yug’s mother starts beating Raunak with a broomstick. What were you calling Rupa? You can’t even stand straight what and you were calling her daag waali. She starts weeping and tells you are like your father how will you understand me. What your father did me so many years ago you were going to repeat with Rupa? Didn’t you even think about her once. I am ashamed of myself on your doing.

Gunjan asks Ravikant why did Yug did do this? Gunjan holds Yug’s hands. Yug tells all this happened because of me and I am not here to make any excuses. I made a mistake so now I will accept any punishment you give me. Gunjan asks him to break his relationship with Kahani. Yug tells it is impossible to break his and Kahani’s relation. Iravati tells you are lucky that Gunjan loves you. Yug tells I had to marry Kahani and finish my relation with Gunjan. He apologizes to Gunjan and leaves from there. Iravati stares at him angrily.

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