Ek Duje Ke Vaste 13th January 2021 Written Update: Devraj and Kavita realize they are wrong

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The Episode starts with Shravan coming to meet Suman. He knocks the door and calls her out. She runs and opens the door. She says you here at this time, come in. He says we have saved this relation, we had fought for our love alone, the world will always come in between our relation, we should stop hiding things from each other, you are with me, you want to save this relation, right, why were you quiet today, why did you not say anything, why, will we save this relation like this.

She says Shravan, you are much angry now, calm down, then tell me. He says I m calm, so I can see things well. She asks what did I hide from you. He asks what did you promise to my mum. She says you are imp than this relation, there is nothing without you, I wanted to see you fine, so I did what I felt right,

I would do this again if needed, say something, are you still upset with me. He cries and hugs her. Ek duje….plays….
She says we will convince our family, don’t worry. He says yes, I m angry, I will not keep this promise, we will marry, I don’t care if they agree or not. She asks can you live without your mom and dad. She says I know its not easy, I live without them, don’t think anything in hurry, go home, think well, we will talk tomorrow. He nods and says fine.

He hugs her. He goes downstairs. He asks Ramesh and Beena did they understand Suman, did they think of Suman’s sorrow and pain. He says she did a daughter’s duty, yes, we were going to marry and then convince the families, we had sacrificed our happiness, what did you do, we had run away when we were young, if we had run away this time, you could have not done anything now, we didn’t run since she can’t see you sad, she loves you all a lot. Suman looks on. Shravan says try to understand her once. He cries and says just once…. He leaves.

Devraj asks Kavita to have food, don’t know when will Shravan come. Shravan comes. Rajender asks him to have food. Shravan says I m done hearing Kavita’s scolding. He goes to his room and cries. Kavita comes. She asks are you upset with me. He lies in her lap and cries. She asks him to stop crying. He says you know Suman and I love each other, why did you do this, you snatched Suman and snatched my happiness, you punished me. She says why will I punish you. He says you have snatched my happiness, so its called punishment, go, I want to stay alone.

She cries and goes. Devraj looks at her. He asks did Shravan have food. She cries. She says my son is still innocent, he loves Suman a lot, he cries when he gets sad, we didn’t understand and support him, we became a hurdle for him, did we do right. Devraj says when I saw Suman’s condition, I realized that she loves Shravan a lot, I thought if I made a mistake. She says we did a mistake. He says we have hurt the children unknowingly.

Rajender is sad. Ragini asks didn’t you sleep till now. He says I wasn’t getting sleep so went to have water. She asks what happened. He says everyone got to know about Shravan and Suman. She says its good thing. He says something will happen tomorrow, either it will be good or much worse. She holds his hand and says don’t think much, everything will be fine. He smiles.

Its morning, Beena says Suman, I got angry on you and scolded you, I really wanted to save you, trust me. Suman says I know. Beena cries and says let me say it today, we are glad for you, your mum would be proud of you, we are going to talk about Shravan and your alliance. Suman asks really. Ramesh says yes, our daughters are really diamonds. Kanchan says that’s why I used to ask you to value us. Ramesh says we are with you and Shravan. Suman hugs them. Kanchan says I was always with you, won’t you hug me. Suman hugs her.

Rajender says Beena and Ramesh agreed, we should talk. Devraj says let them come. Ramesh apologizes to Devraj. Kavita insults them. Ramesh argues with Kavita. Devraj asks did you come to talk or count the complains. Ramesh says we shall leave Beena. Shravan and Suman worry.