Story 9 Months Ki 13th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang encourages Alia to send Veer away

Story 9 Months Ki 13th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer watching news reporting about Alia’s gifting company completing a five years successful run. Rabia and Alia are watching the same. Nitya wants to tell Veer something important but walks away seeing that he is watching Alia on TV. She says that she wanted to share something important but she forgot that Alia is more important. Alia takes pregnancy test and it is still negative. At the same time, Veer goes to stop Nitya who tells him that she is pregnant. He hugs her happily. Rabia is keen on finding out who the real donor of Alia is.

Rahul calls Alia and tells her that Veer wants to meet her tomorrow. Alia refuses to meet or talk with him about anything else that is not divorce. Rahul says that he wants to approach Direct dil se as client but Alia says that their company doesn’t need clients like Veer Malhotra.

The next morning, Sarang is lost while standing in kitchen. Ramesh comes and guesses he is thinking about Alia. Sarang is surprised to learn that he knows that she loves him. He says that he doesn’t love her back. Ramesh asks if there is another girl in his life. Sarang thinks about Alia but then he brushes off the idea saying that he is way above her. He tells Ramesh that he has no time for love in life since he is already thirty and is not even a complete writer. Ramesh suggests him to feel every time of emotion after which he will become better as writer. After Ramesh leaves, Sarang calls Kavya asking her to meet.

On the other hand, Rabia consults Alia’s files and find out that Sarang is really the donor. She gets worried because Sarang is the opposite of the ideal donor Alia wants. She thinks Alia must know about it and calls her asking her to meet. Alia asks if it is anything related to her pregnancy and tells her that the result is not positive yet. Rabia asks her not to be tensed and says that she needs to talk with her face to face. Alia agrees.

Sarang calls Kamleshwari and reveals her that Kavya confessed to him that she loves him. Kamleshwari gets very happy and suggests Sarang to say I love you back to her but he says that he hasn’t the same feelings for her. Kamleshwari insists for her to get settled down marrying and having child. However, Sarang doesn’t want any child. Kamleshwari asks him not to talk like that and then cuts the call since she has to leave.

Alia asks Rahul to fix up meeting with Rabia and not line up any other meeting. Just then, Veer enters the office and even Alia’s cabin even though the receptionist try to stop him. Alia asks him to leave but he says that he is there as a professional client. Rahul leaves Alia’s cabin. All employees look at Veer and Alia from outside. Sarang comes there too. Alia firstly refuses Veer’s proposal but then asks what it is about. He tells her that he wants to propose Nitya today itself as the father of their upcoming baby. Alia is stunned to learn about Nitya’s pregnancy.

Sarang asks everyone why they are letting Veer stay but they tell him that Alia doesn’t like interference in her matters. Veer tells Alia that he is so excited about their future and their baby who will get attention of both the parents. Alia remembers how she dreamed having a baby with Veer but at the end he accused her for being a bad wife and mother. Sarang asks the receptionist to go to Alia who seems so uncomfortable but she says that Alia is mature and doesn’t need help. Sarang insists that Alia won’t ask for help but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need any. He refuses to stay there without doing anything and decides to walk to the cabin.

Sarang enters Alia’s company and asks Alia for help. Veer asks him to leave but Sarang says that Alia needs to give a feedback to his script and asks Veer to get out since he is the one who is there without any appointment. Veer asks Alia how she hired such mannerless employee. Sarang says that he has manners that is why he is still standing there without any appointment. Veer wants to complain with Alia but she asks her two minutes and leaves with Sarang.

On the other hand, Brij Mohan tells his son-in-law that Ved Ji suggested to make a woman join the business if he wants to save it. The son-in-law tells him that Kusum is there but Brij Mohan doesn’t take him seriously. He tells his son-in-law that he is listening to Ved Ji only because he is giving medicine for Kamleshwari in order to have another child.

Meanwhile, Sarang talks to Alia once alone and asks her to give the same importance and worth to her time as she gives to herself. He says that she can’t let anyone enter like this and encourages her to send Veer away and prove that women aren’t subordinated to men. Sarang leaves but Alia stops him and then walks ahead.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia orders Veer not to expect any favour from her. Sarang tells Rahul that sometimes he thinks he can understand Alia but then she surprises him. Alia asks Sarang what his problem with Veer is. He replies that he will have problems with anyone who will trouble her.