Gatbandhan:- Dhanak gets stuck in fire and Raghu becomes helpless.

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is ready to witness an action-packed episode with Dhanak getting stuck in fire lighted by the terrorists to save Kalyan. As reported earlier Dhanak gets attacked by Baba’s men and Dhanak gets caught in fire. Raghu hears everything via phone call but gets helpless.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Baba manages to fool Dhanak and gets his hands on the confidential plan. He uses Tiwari’s fake wife and Mai and takes a photo of her plan in his mobile. Raghu and Dhanak decide to change their plan and informs the same about the commissioner. They hide the fact about the original plan getting leaked on Raghu’s insistence.

Later Mai and Baba wonder when Dhanak doesn’t leave the house for carrying out the original plan. Baba finds that Dhanak has changed the plan and decides to find it at any cost. He first sends Mai to the station in the pretext of giving lunch but the plan failed. He then steals Dhanak’s mom jewels and sends his sister to Dhanak for complaining and gets to know that Dhanak is leaving for the mission. Dhanak leaves with his team and Kalyan’s van follows her behind. Baba’s men keep stones on their path and start attacking Dhanak’s officers hiding.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that the terrorists set fire around Dhanak so that she could neither reach Kalyan or her team. In the meantime, they attack her team and kidnaps Kalyan. Raghu hears everything via phone call to Dhanak but remains helpless.

Will the terrorists succeed in kidnapping Kalyan? Will Dhanak lose or job? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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