Gatbandhan: Mai slaps Raghu and blame Dhanak for their insult

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is going to be an emotional ride not only for the audience but also for the lead couple Raghu and Dhanak. As reported earlier Chawl people also get to know about Dhanak being tagged as desh drohi and will question her loyalty. Now Raghu will also get arrested as he gets into a fight with the commissioner.

In the previous episodes its seen that Raghu scolds his neighbors for being double-faced and asks how could they think Dhanak to be a traitor. They asks for proof and Raghu plays the recorder but finds it empty. Dhanak gets shocked and neighbors taunt him for his drama. Later Raghu goes to the police station and gets into a fight with the commissioner and gets arrested. Mai blames Dhanak for the mess.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Mai and Dhanak will wait for Raghu to come home. Bharat brings Raghu home. Mai slaps him hard and asks him to stay there. She goes to the house. Dhanak hugs Raghu while Mai brings the gun. Dhanak tries to stop her but Mai points the gun at Raghu. She gives it to Raghu and asks him to shoot her. He refuses to do so but she forces him and suddenly bullet is fired but nobody gets hurt.

Mai shouts at Raghu to kill her and asks him to be happy as nobody listens to her in this house. She says that she has made this house and asks him not to play with it as he has no right. Dhanak cries and Mai tells Raghu that Dhanak has lost her respect and it’s she who’s bearing the punishment of it. Dhanak gets hurt while Raghu stands helpless.

Will Raghu and Dhanak expose the real culprit? Will Dhanak gets her name cleared? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned to this space for more upcoming twists and turns of this show.