Gathbandhan 11th September 2019 Written Update:- Raghu catches Tiwari but he escapes and Raghu feels guilty

The episode starts with Raghu shocked seeing Tiwari beating up a man. He realizes that he’s fake and gets angry. He starts leaving and Raghu follows him. Bharat calls him but he couldn’t hear because of the network. Bharat and Mai worried about Raghu knowing the truth.

Dhanak asks Saku about others in the house. Tiwari puts his mobile on charge and keeps in silence mode. Raghu peeps in to find Sabita tied on a chair and Tiwari keeps her on gunpoint. It’s revealed that she blackmailed him. Raghu realizes that it’s them who stole Dhanak briefcase and understands that Dhanak was right doubting him. Raghu falls down and Tiwari hears it. But he escapes before Tiwari catches him. Mai and Bharat come there and scolds him. Raghu is about to see them but Mai closes the window and curtains before he could see her.

Bharat asks him to escape before Raghu could reach him. They inform about Raghu finding him but he remains cool. He says that his job is over and he doesn’t care about them anymore. Bharat argues but Mai strikes a deal with him. Tiwari asks for ten lakh and Mai agrees. Bharat asks him to leave but Tiwari says that he’ll leave only after getting his money.

Bharat and Mai leave and Raghu once again misses seeing them. Raghu comes with a gun and breaks open the door. He bears him brutally while Mai and Bharat watch it hiding. He twists his hand and shows all his fury on him. Mai fears that Raghu may kill him and asks Bharat to think something. In the meantime, Sabita takes the gun and she warns him to not come near her. Sabita says that she did everything for money offered by Tiwari and she doesn’t know anything else. He lets her go and once again thrashes him. He asks him to reveal the person behind the plotting and Tiwari reveals it to be Savitri and Bharat. Raghu denies believing him and both Mai and Bharat comes there and cooks up a story. Bharat trashes Tiwari and asks him to manage the situation while beating him. Tiwari follows his words and Raghu gets furious.

Raghu once again starts beating him but Mai controls him. Bharat asks him to hit him and escape and he does so. Raghu gets furious while Mai and Bharat make him believe that he’s the reason for the mess. They blame him for being careless. Raghu recalls all the events and blames himself too.

Shopkeeper refuses selling vegetables to Dhanak and everyone badmouths her. Dhanak turns deaf ears to them and she weighs the vegetables herself. She says that she’s innocent and why should she feel bad then. She adds that she doesn’t care if the world believes her or not as her husband believes her and that’s enough for her. Raghu hears it and feels more guilty.

Precap: Preeti asks Dhanak to sort out their misunderstanding. Raghu gets drowned in guilty.