Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th January 2021 Written Update: Sai plans to bring Amay’s truth in front of family.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Virat asks Sai whom is she talking with? Sai tells she was talking with Amay. Shivani tells Virat to let Sai do whatever she wants. Sai tells Amay I want to love but my husband and his family doesn’t. She asks Amay to be his love,Sai tells we shouldn’t break Shivani’s heart. Amay asks Sai do you believe in love at first sight? He tells he well meet her tomorrow morning. Sai tells he wouldn’t have agreed to come here tomorrow. She tells I want him on his knees and make him apologise to Shivani bhua. Virat tells by doing so you are giving the family members another reason to hate you. Sai tells no matter what I do,your family members will find me wrong. Virat asks her does she think she is always right?

Sai tells she doesn’t know about always but what she did today was definitely right as none of your family members supported Shivani. Virat tells you shouldn’t have talked with Amay like this,I don’t like this. Sai tells I never agreed to follow your likings. Virat tells I agree everyone is bad but tomorrow when Amay comes here everyone is going to be more angry. Sai tells him to ask his family members to stop taunting her. Virat shouts at Sai and asks her who is she? Is she always right? She asks Virat not to be her professor.

Sai and Virat get into a verbal fight and shout at each other. Shivani asks them to calm down. Virat tells her to call Amay and cancel tomorrow’s plan. Sai tells Shivani bhua always stood by me so I will fight with entire world for her and you will also not stop me. Virat leaves angrily from there and asks Sai to have dinner as it is already too late. Sai is waiting for Amay. Sonali tells Pakhi is looking beautiful. Karishma tells Sai doesn’t do any work.

Pakhi tells Bhavani if Sai is not going to college she can do house works. Bhavani asks why are you not going to college? Sai tells I will fulfil all my work today also but after returning from college. Bhavani asks what important work does she have? Bhavani tells Ashwini and Sonali also work till now. Ninad asks does Sai never felt like helping others in kitchen? Omi tells she is roaming on the door why would she help anyone in work.

Sai asks Bhavani,Ninad and Omi what work are they doing? I would also like to work like you. Sai tells your work is to get after me how can I do that. Ninad tells her I will slap you ,Sai asks him to do so and presents her cheek in front of him and asks him to slap. Omi tells we don’t like to raise hands on ladies. Sai tells yes you don’t like raising hands you just like raising questions. Pakhi tells Sai it is enough and this is no way to talk with elders like this,she asks Bhavani to drink tea. Sai tells Bhavani that she likes taunting everyone but now when she has to listen it is enough.

Sai tells you 3 think you are like judge and our lives are reality show for you. Ninad tells Virat can you see the respect your wife is giving us? Virat tells Sai not to take his silence as his weakness otherwise he will start talking to her like she talks with everyone. Bhavani tells she keeps taunting us but never saw a daughter-in-law like her. Sai tells even I did not see a mother-in-law like you. Virat shouts at Sai and tells it’s enough. Pakhi tells finally he got angry on his wife.

Precap – Sai tells Amay,she is coming outside. Shiavni puts her phone on speaker as Sai talks with Amay why he agreed to leave Shivani so soon.

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