Imlie 11th January 2021 Written Update: Aditya thinks he is free from this fake relationship

Imlie 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya handovered the money envelope to her and she asks him how much is in the envelope? He says to her it is fifty thousand already and don’t worry I will send you more as time passes by. He says I am so good at calculating, Imlie smiles at him and says you did calculations but you did half calculations only. She says I worked at your house as a cook and ate there also. I worked there as a household but I stayed at the same house as my own resident.

I did some blunders too so there is some money for that, your uncle gives me tuition and made me study so that he deserves money too. Aditya says my family members did everything with you thinking of you as their own and you are doing calculations here. She says I learnt it from you only, Malini’s mother always taunts me as a servant of the house.

However that never made me a servant but today you proved me one by giving me the money. He says to her you are simply twisting the entire topic, I already told you that I want to take care of you and your mother well being. This money is for your study process and other needs and this is your right. She says what kind of rights you have given to me?

She says when there is no kind of relation between us then there is no point in taking money from you. She gives him the envelope back and walks out from there in the opposite direction and he also goes in the other direction. While in the village house of Imlie Meethi is ill due to excessive fever but she is only taking the name of her daughter, Imlie. She gets an intuition that her daughter is on the way maybe while Imlie is coming in the village running and all are getting shocked to see her in the village.

She comes in front of her house and is watching it with affectionate eyes thinking this is the place where I used to stay happily with my family. She is recalling their happy moments when Meethi opens the door and gets happy to see Imlie and both of them run into each other arms and gets engaged in a bone crushing hug and Imlie starts to cry endlessly as soon as she gets into body touch with her mother.

Aditya settled down in his room of the lodge when the receptionist of the lodge asked him about the last time and he got irritated. He calls Malini to inform that he reached Pagdandiya but gets angry when all of them ask him to make them talk to Imlie and he without no reason scolds them and Malini asks him what happened to you all of a sudden and why are you in such a bad mood? He says I am too tired and wants to rest.

Imlie is welcomed in her house and all are asking her about herself and Aditya and she tries her best to make it up and tries to present things looking normal to them so that no one gets any doubt. She goes to get freshen up when Meethi and the other villagers decide to visit lodge and meet Aditya and welcome him in a grand way in the village. Imlie gets scared to listen to this and she runs towards the lodge. Aditya is about to call his family when Satyakam and the other villagers knock on his door of the lodge and he gets shocked to see all of them.

Precap – Imlie tries to stop them to meet Aditya but he opened the door of his room in the lodge and Imlie and Aditya both looked at each other clueless

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