Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Sai finds about Devyani’s medicine.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Devyani tells I enjoyed a lot,Sai asks her why is talking so loudly? Devyani asks is she loud and thn speaks even more louder. Devyani tells her she enjoyed a lot today. She asks Sai to feed her. Ashwini tells she will feed her as Sai is getting late for college. Devyani tells Sai will feed her,Sai feeds her a bite of tood and asks for her medicine. Degyani gives her medicine to Sai,Sai remembers about Pulkit and decides to ask him about the medicine. Devyani tells my doctor husband would have given me good medicine.

Karishma asks Pakhi if it’s burning a lot. Sonali taunts her no she is acting. Bhavani applies cream to Pakhi’s hands. Karishma tells even Sai might had this much pain. Pakhi tells she is sorry as she couldn’t finish her work. Sonali praises her. Karishma tells I tired a lot to stop Sai from making her grind spices. Bhavani scolds her and tells Pakhi that luck always change direction when Sai will be in danger we will show her true place. Bhavani tells Sai will suffer for picking a fight with her.

Sai stops Pulkit and tells she wants to ask something. Pulkit asks her to join him in canteen as he has only 15minutes. Sai tells him to eat her made food,she tells him she is from Sundarnagar.

Flashback shows Pulkit enjoying with his girlfriend. He tells her even he stayed there few years ago. He tells this medicine for PTSD, and this medicine helps in calming the medicine and continuous use has side effect. She is about to tell about Devyani to him but there is announcement about Freshers. Sai tells how useless is all this. Some girls taunt her that she is like aunties after marriage.

Sai begins dancing on a fresher practising his song. SubhabAllah plays in BM. Everyone watches Sai perform and she dances carefree about everyone around her.

Karishma asks Mohit to do something in life,either become a famous actor or find another job. Mohit tells he is searching for a job where he can continue is acting career, he asks her why does she want him to find a job? She tells no one respects you so even I get insulted and taunted at everyday. From morning breakfast to dinner I do all work still Bhavani keeps scolding me always. Mohit tells someone is listening to songs. Bhavani tells who is playing songs so late at night. Mohit tells it is Coming from Sai’s room. Pakhi tells don’t know why does she enjoy causing trouble for others. Bhavani tells I will teach her about this house’s way. She asks Virat you wife was ill in morning and now she is playing so loud music.

Precap – Sai is dancing gracefully and Virat watches her. He catches her in his arms as she is about to fall. She tells him about Aniket,Virat thinks about visiting her college and finding out more about this guy.

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