Imlie 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Aditya brings Imlie to Delhi hospital

Imlie 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya trying to wake Imlie up but she is unconscious and not waking up. He looks up and notices an ambulance is coming up and they get settled inside it and he tries to wake her up but the ambulance people provide the basic required medical facilities and give her shock treatment and after two three trials she finally starts to breathe.

Malini is decorating her room to give a good surprise to Aditya. She asks Aparna will Aditya like all these decorations? Aparna says you are looking so beautiful that I don’t think Aditya will pay attention to any other thing. They are chatting while Aditya tries to wake up Imlie when she starts to breathe again. She calls Malini and informs her about the situation there and says I am coming to Delhi with Imlie and gives them the name of the hospital. He is shaking while talking to them and Malini gets shocked to listen to everything.

On the other side, they all go to hospital to arrange for everything while he is coming there. Aditya is trying continuously to wake Imlie up and trying to make her breathe and says she is responding mildly. He says in the last couple of days I have understood one thing very clearly that I can run from my responsibilities and not from my destiny. He says to her I will be with you and even if not the relationship I will definitely try to fulfill my responsibilities. He asks Imlie to be with him and not to lose hope so soon.

Meethi comes back home with the bag of Emily and says to Alka that they are going through the Jungle when police came there and Satyakam somehow managed to escape but police captured her and Imlie together. She says it is luck that Aditya managed to come there on time and he took Imlie away with him to Delhi hospital and it says to me that he will take care of her. she says but I am a mother how can I be at peace without knowing how my daughter is doing?

Aditya almost reached hospital when Imlie says to him that your family cannot see me like this and she asks him to wipe off all the signs of a marital woman from her body. He takes off her bangles and tries to clean her vermillion so that no one can get to know that she is married to him already.

The family members are waiting inside the hospital for both Aditya and Imlie and everybody is extremely emotional. Aditya entered the hospital with Imlie and her condition is critical. Everyone is shocked to see the state of Imlie and all are trying to know from Aditya what exactly happened there? Malini understands his state and she asks him to inform the family members of Imlie first and she tries to manage the rest of the family members on her own. Aditya calls Meethi and informs about the state of Imlie and then he meets the same old lady who thinks he is her son Manku.

Precap – The family is praying for Imlie while she is breathing heavily.

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