Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th February 2021 Written Update: Sai asks what is wrong if she goes out with her husband?

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Virat scolds Pakhi for this reason?!

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Sai gets a message from Pari and remembers praying to God for her father’s birthday. She tells Virat I prayed to God for my father’s long life but he called my father near him so soon. Virat tells what God does only God know,sometimes I think he makes us alone to make us more strong. Samrat cried a lot when Nagesh kaka died but see now he himself is an army officer.

.Virat tells look at yourself you have become so strong and one day you will become a very good doctor and make your father proud. Sai asks Virat if he trusts her? He tells that I trust you completely. Sai tells that I will definitely tell you someday but for now I can just say that I went there for some very important work.

Bhavani is making preparations for Mahashivratri. She asks Pakhi how will she keep fast today as she didn’t have dinner? Pakhi tells not to worry she will keep fast. Pakhi asks she wants to go to her house with mother and father. Omkar tells we are all with you. Sonali asks Pakhi to tell what happened last night. Pakhi tells Virat was feeding Sai with his hand last night. Ashwini asks what is wrong in that? Is she jealous of Sai? Pakhi asks what are you saying?

Bhavani tells Ashwini has become like a parrot and she keeps saying the same thing that Sai has thought her. Ninad tells she cannot find anything wrong in Sai. Mohit tells what Virat did was right. Karishma asks Mohit to stay quiet. Mohit tells why should he stay quiet,this is his house too. Bhavani tells you have only two days. Mohit tells I am a member of this house and me being jobless shouldn’t affect it.

Ashwini tells goodness attract goodness,Mohit saw goodness in Sai that is why he is supporting her. Omkar tells why will Patralekha leave? Ninad tells Sai should leave,I will give final warning to Virat. Virat comes down with Sai and asks what warning? Bhavani asks Virat to come near and asks what are they doing dressed early in morning? Sai tells Virat is taking her to temple.

Ninad asks did he bring food for Sai last night? Bhavani tells you only stopped her from having food. Sai asks her what is she feeling bad about you only told no one eats outside food in this house. Sai tells what if Virat fed me with his hands? I am his wife. Pakhi tells Sai not to drag her name. Sai tells why not you are the one who told everyone about the incident everyone.

Virat tells if I brought food for Sai what is the problem? Omkar tells Virat you have changed so much. Virat tells everything happens for the first time,he tells I will rectify my mistake today and bring food for everyone while returning. Bhavani tells we all have fast today.

Pakhi asks Virat why does Sai keep insulting me? Ashwini tells I have the answer to her question. She tells Pakhi to look for the answer within her. She tells when you found out Sai is going to Ladakh with Virat you cancelled the trip but you didn’t answer one question why did you feel bad when a wife is going with her husband.

Bhavani tells why didn’t Sai tell everyone,why did she appear like a thief in the last time. Sai tells I was going with my husband what is wrong in that? Maybe you always go out with Ninad so you don’t know that there is nothing wrong in husband and wife going out together. Bhavani shouts at Sai.

Precap – Same as last day.

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