Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 25th November 2020 Written Update: Virat slaps Vitthal.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Vitthal enters congratulating Virat for marriage. He says just a few days before your father died. Virat asks what is he doing here? Vitthal says he rules Gadchiroli. He says u had bad eyes on Sai since day one. Vitthal says keep your voice down now you are not ACP. Virat says but you are still a criminal. Vitthal says a criminal who has reach till far. Vitthal says my son would have treated you like a queen. Virat gets angry and gives a tight slap to Vitthal. Vitthal says how dare you slap me.

Virat says control your anger because soon your payroll will be over and you will join your son jn jail. Usha tells Virat see Sai is safe now only becuase of you. Virat tells her not to worry as nobody can harm Sai now. Panditji says problem came and now its gone let us resume the marriage. He asks Virat to tie mangalsutra on Sai’s neck. Pakhi and others reach the temple. Sunny says Virat sent this location. Karishma says is Virat getting married in reality. Ashwini says why did Virat call Pakhi? Ninad says they are friends that’s why he called her. He doesnt have old thinking like you.

Ashwini says no one can understand that Virat and Pakhi aren’t just friends. Pakhi says mayb this is wrong location,Karishma says lets go in and check. Pandijits asks Virat to apply sindoor on Sai’s forhead. Virat remembers his promise to Kamal and applies sindoor on her forhead. He stops just a moment before and thinks about his promise to Pakhi. He applies the sindoor as Pakhi,Sunny,Mohit and Karishma watch shocked.

Pakhi says out loud Virat and is shocked. Sai remembers Virat telling her about his promise to Sai. Sunny asks Virat what is this. Virat says it is what you are seeing. Mohit says Bhavani kaku always used to taunt me now she will be shocked when Virat has married without informing anyone at home. Karishma says now we will have Diwali at Chavan house when Virat will reach there with his bride. Sunny asks who is this girl,Virat tells him it is Sai.

Pakhi watches crying as Virat and Sai takes takes feras to complete the marriage. Virat says I gave you promise but dont expect anything more from me. Sai says I dont have any expectations from you. Sai says the day I become a doctor will be my last day with you. Virat completes the last fera wiping tears from his eyes. Usha moushi asks him to seek blessings from God. Virat and Sai offer flowers to Lord Mahadev and maa Gouri. Usha is very happy and prays to God for happy life of Virat and Sai.

Precap – Pakhi says you broke your promise Virat,you called me here to break my heart. Virat says no I called you here to explain my condition to you,I don’t have any other choice. Pakhi says this is your choice. Virat tells her Sai is just my responsibility nothing more than that. Sai is standing in background and voices plays that Sai’s life doesn’t get destroyed between Promises and duty.

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