Shaadi Mubarak 25th November 2020 Written Update: KT denies to accept Arjun and Nandini

Shaadi Mubarak 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Nandini as the bride while KT remembers the flashback as how Arjun and Nandini executed everything to hide her, at that time Arjun claps saying his father had uncovered the veil and so his mother’s vow got fullfilled. Kusum rushes towards preeti and taunts Nandini, she says Nandini could have come back and apologised to KT for her past deeds but she have done something unimaginable and declares that if Nandini will come in KT’s life then she will only bring misery while Preeti looks on, she remembers how many lies Nandini have told them and says that she have again betrayed KT.

Kusum tries to go to tell KT about her meet with Nandini but Preeti stopped her saying it’s their personal matter and they don’t have any right to interfere, she further says if KT wants to forgive Nandini then he can as no-one knows her better then him, while kusum didn’t agreed, she says that KT is very soft hearted and Nandini can manipulate him with her fake emotional drama, she glares Nandini while Preeti says that she wish KT takes a wise decision where he priorities his happiness.

Sneha holds her head declaring Nandini is Arjun’s mother while Sushant and shivraj gets disgusted knowing about all that Nandini planned to return back in KT’s life, shivraj says that he can’t let her be back in Keertan’s life and tries to go to throw her out when Neelima stops him and smiles with tears in her eyes showing Arjun, she says he is their grandchild while Arjun looks at them emotionally folding his hands.

Nandini and KT keeps staring eachother when she starts her emotional drama saying she knew it that he was also waiting to reunite just like her, while he says that he only remembers betrayal seeing her and leaves from their showing her cold shoulder, everyone looks at KT while Nandini stops him saying she have already payed for her deeds and was in more pain then him in these 17years, kusum again tries to go in between them while Preeti stops her saying let them talk as that’s what they had planned to let KT ask all his questions from Nandini to put a fullstop to his past and prays to god for KT.

KT shouts at Nandini saying her to stop her lies, he joins his hands asking her to leave while she says that she just want his forgiveness, he says she could have come to him directly for asking sorry but what drama she have done! To which Nandini says that maybe her way is wrong but her intentions weren’t, she emotionally says that she is here only to apologise and reunite with him while he begs her to go as he can’t trust her and moreover he have learnt to live without her, he further drags her to the exit when Arjun holds his legs stopping him and ask to forgive his mother and accept them, Nandini says KT to atleast listen to his son Arjun while Arjun goes to Neelima and ask her to say something. Nandini brings vermilion box and ask KT to fill her hairline while KT denies to accept Arjun as his son and ask why she haven’t told about him earlier?

To which she says that she tried many ways to contact him and family but noone picked her call and so she raised Arjun by herself, she continues that a child needs both his parents and that’s why she came back as she couldn’t able to fullfill a father’s place, Arjun agreed to her and comes forward saying he missed KT a lot and pleads him to accept them while Nandini thinks that Keertan will surley melt by Arjun’s words. Nandini again forwards sindoor box and says to apply it on her hair to secure Arjun’s future while Preeti says to kusum that parents have to take tough decisions for their childrens.

Nandini says that from today they will leave their past behind and will start a new life, Arjun also begs KT to complete his family while Neelima caresses Arjun hair and pours her love towards him, Nandini smirks seeing this. Neelima ask KT to accept Arjun and Nandini while Shivraj and others stops her, Neel advice KT to take a wise decision, at that time Kusum comes forward and tells that the one who betrays once can betray again also and says against Nandini.

Sheena comes to Preeti and ask her to come outside as media is creating trouble, Preeti stops the press telling them that they can’t come inside while they says that KT is remarrying his wife and they wants to cover it, Preeti panics and gets worried for KT, she then shouts at media people and ask them to move back. While Nandini keeps waitng for media to come and looks for it.

Precap:- Nandini ask KT to fill her hairline while he takes it and moves towards Preeti and filled her hair with vermilion shocking everyone.

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