Imlie 25th November 2020 Written Update: Imlie and Aditya’s cycle ride in village

Imlie 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Imlie 25th November 2020 Written Update

Episode begins with Aditya and Imlie are coming there to look for their transport and Imlie is riding the cycle to reach the house of Indu. They are about to ride in the cycle and Aditya says you will not be able to ride the cycle along with me at your back. Imlie asks do you feel ashamed to sit behind a girl? Aditya finally sits at the back of Imlie and she rides the cycle through the lanes of villages and bushes and she asks Aditya to feel the raw flavour of village while in between the whole thing in the village.

Malini is sitting alone when her father bought tea and snacks for her and says the weather is so good outside and inside too as her mother informs her about the engagement venue and engagement date. She calls and informs the family of Aditya about the engagement venue and date. She says to him that our venue is not available at any other date and we have to do it on 23rd only. Tripathi family gets worried with the date and again the daughter of their house misunderstood the entire situation and thinks no one cares about her feelings in this house.

On the other side, Imlie and Aditya are roaming here and there when Imlie asks him about Meerabag and he assumes maybe her father stays there maybe that’s why she knows the name. He saw some ladies going to a ground and he asks Imlie what is this? She says to him this is one kind if stupidity that these people are going to do.

Aditya laughs at her way to describe a thing and he requests her to show that. He goes in the ground and click pictures of people and their rituals. It’s a multiple-marriage ritual that is happening and Imlie describes the entire process to him when she meets her mother there and she asks Imlie to enlighte Aditya about the whole stuff. She says if the bride accepts the scarf given by the boy then their marriage is fixed and if not then their marriage gets cancelled.

Aditya notices a special Vermillion in a plate and he asks about it too. Imlie says it’s actually comes from an ancient temple in thi village and it is only available here. He reminds the words of Malini and says I want some of it too, can I get? Imlie smiles and says is it for that phone lady?

Aditya says her name is Malini and I call her moon with love. Imlie says I will show you the temple then. Aditya gets the sindoor from temple while the priest says to him about why this is special and Imlie is jumping around. Suddenly a huge blow of air started and some of the sindoor falls on Imlie and she feels terrible to see her face in the mirrors. Aditya says I took it for Moon but why are you getting scared? She says have you done with your work?

Tomorrow you are going back then atleast take a pic with me. Aditya puts the camera on shutter mode for a picture bt unfortunately he is unable to get one as rainfall starts heavily. Aditya asks her to take shelter in a temple but Imlie is scared as she knows the village which looks so beautiful in the morning can be ruthless if girls roam outside in the evening time. She gets worries and Aditya says to her that he will drop her to her house and will get something from there to reach the lodge.

Precap – Aditya and Imlie are caught by the villagers and her grandmother says Aditya has to marry Imlie.

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