Imlie 26th January 2021 Written Update: Dev got to know the real identity of Imlie

Imlie 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Malini asking Imlie about those marital equipment and says the nurse gave us your belongings and says we got this and Imlie lies to them and says my mother believes that if an unmarried girl keeps stuff like this then she will get a good life partner in the upcoming days. Malini asks Imlie about the nuptial chain and she says that is also with her due to that reason.

Aparna gets assured and says if this is due to that then it is better because we thought someone did something wrong with you and we were so worried about you from last night. They also try to enquire about her family members who came to meet her in Delhi and yesterday Aparna got to know it from Sundar. Imlie says I will beat Sundar the moment I will be at home.

Imlie says actually my family members are so innocent and simple people that they will feel awkward. Delhi is too big of a city for people from Pagdandiya. They get offended and says to Imlie not to do this again if her family members came to meet her. They left but Malini comes back and noticed Imile is upset for some reason and she suggests her to write a letter for her mother and she will post it for her sake.

Imlie gets happy and writes a letter and Malini takes her leave. Imlie writes the letter and Dev comes inside the hospital to meet Imlie and he asks about her room and ward. He gives her so many balloons and chocolates and she starts to eat the toffees and says that nurse will come and will not let me eat and she starts to cry for the chocolates but Dev makes her understand that it she completes all the fruits and food without any delay then she will get more chocolates and toffees.

She starts to eat all those food and fruits bought by Dev and thinks ok that my own father has no no clue about me and he being a father of Malini is getting so worried for my health. Dev says to Imli that I am like your father only so listen to me. She says you cannot be like my father, he is someone who never tried to know about me and neither is concerned about how I am or my mother! He is just a coward person you never try to know about my mother ever in his life. The nurse came to give injection to Imlie and she hid the chocolate.

She asks Dev to post the letter to her mother on her behalf. He did what she asked for and she wrote the name of her mother on the envelope before dozing off due to sleep. Dev suddenly notices the name of her mother and gets shocked to see that it is none other than Meethi. He understands Imlie is his own daughter and he gets overwhelmed and emotional all over again and you finally understand why he always feel so close for Imlie.

Aditya is doing his job in the office when his boss says sorry to him for not letting him go on his honeymoon trip and the peace treaty meeting is also cancelled. Aditya thinks till when he will be able to live this dual life and later he comes to meet Imlie when Dev is there with her in the cabin.

Precap – Imlie does puja of doctors and nurses and Malini starts to laugh seeing this and Aditya gets shocked

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