Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Virat tries to apologise to everyone.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

Virat says you all are very hurt due to me,I apologize with folded hands for that but I am not ashamed of it. You people only taught me there are many difficulties on rhe right path and bad things happen easily. Virat says please try to understand why I chose to do this. Ashwini says Pairs are made with luck. All daughter in law have to struggle you will have to do this to.

Ashwini says I have cried a lot alone,I wont let you bear any of this. She promises Sai that she will get her all rights. Ashwini Says Virat is very good,he never thinks about himself he always thinks about hapiness of other. Sai tells her she is very sweet. Ashwini says I have seen honesty in your eyes. Sai tells Ashwini I will leave when I become a doctor. Virat tells my son married you in front of everyone. It is your duty and right to stay here don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Mohit is trying to sleep but Karishma is very excited as Kaku would taunt Sai and not me. After Samrat,Pakhi and Virat’s way was clear but now Sai and Usha tai are here. It’s going to be fun now. Virat asks Pakhi it’s too late why hasn’t she slept yet. Pakhi asks why did not he sleep? It’s his first night he should be with his wife. Why is he not with his wife? Virat tells her I tried to explain you that this marriage is just a deal. Sai has a dream about Kamal. His potrait falls from her hand and breaks as she wakes up shocked.

.Ghar yaad ata hai mujhe plays in BM. Pakhi tells Virat I dont want to come between you and Sai. Virat says this marriage is just a deal,Sai knows it too and I will support her till she becomes a doctor. Pakhi says but your family will have expectations. Virat says think of my mother how she would feel when she comes to know that this marriage is a deal. Virat says I wish I would have been here to support you when Samrat’s news came. God knows where would he be and in what condition. Pakhi asks Virat what position do I have in your life?

Virat tells her to sleep as it’s to late. Pakhi repeats her question,Virat tells her you have a friend’s position in my heart. I will always support you in every difficulties. Pakhi says I didn’t know everything would chnage. Sai is listening to everything. Virat says I don’t know how to ask this from you but please do this one task for me. Pakhi says ask me anything. Virat tells everyone needs a mentor in life who guides us always keeps us on the right path like Kamal sir was for me would you do the same for Sai?

Virat says Bhavani kaku,Omi kaka,sonali kaki and even baba is angry with her it would be very difficult for her here. I just want you to teach her how to deal with everyone. Pakhi replies its too late and leaves from there. Virat sees Sai has heard everything and looks at her shocked.

Precap – Ashwini says I want to prepare for after marriage rituals. Bhavani says can’t you understand I did not accept this marriage so their would be no rituals here. Virat says I won’t take part in this rituals,Sai says even I don’t want to take part in any rituals .

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