Imlie 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Imlie is trying to adjust in new place

Imlie 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie talking with the family members of Aditya when they are asking her about her father. She says I got to know from my mother that my father abandoned me and my mother in the childhood and now is living in the city. The family members are asking various questions from Imlie.

Aditya thinks if they keep asking about such things then Imlie can spill things by mistake. He asks them not to interrogate Imlie about her personal matters. All asked Imlie not to feel bad. Aditya comes to meet Malini in a cafe and tries to say to her about the things happened in Pagdandiya but she is too happy and content about his return.

She is too happy about his return so Aditya refrained from saying anything. Later Imlie by mistake spoiled the phone Malinj gifted to Aditya during their meeting in the park due to washing the dinning table. Aditya scolded Imlie for being careless and Imlie felt bad. The family members of Aditya asks Imlie not to feel bad and they will take care of her and helps her to learn the works. She is working with the ladies in the kitchen.

Aditya’s mother asked Imlie to send rice pudding to Aditya as it will set her mood fine and she goes to give it to her. Aditya gets angry with Imlie as soon as he sees her. She says mom send this kheer for you, he asks her not to make any relationship with anyone in the house at all. She says we do call mother figures as mom only in village. She starts to crying again due to his rude behaviour and he asks her to stop crying. She says I am trying not to cry but it is not happening. He says do not try to fool me as I can totally understand what you are trying to do here.

Aditya asks her to move away but the bowl dropped. Imlie sat down and tried to clean the surface and she thinks if her mother is with her then it will be better for her and she misses her mother so much. Later Imlie finally had a talk with her mother and lies to her about her whereabouts and also lied about her in-laws. She says to her that all accepted her in the house and she is happy among them. Meethi asks her to remain the way she is then things will become easier for her. She listens to her and cuts the call while Meethi also hang the call before Nani can grab it and speak something nonsense. Imlie feels good after a while as she just had a conversation with her mother.

Precap -Malini comes home and Imlie watches her from a corner and tries to hide. Rupali says to Malini about Imlie and Malini gets unhappy to somre extent.

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