Shaadi Mubarak 2nd December 2020 Written Update: KT demands payment from Nandini

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti reading Neelima’s warning and looks at her. Then sneha comes and sees preeti’s face and gives her gift, after her KT comes and opens her veil, both looks at each other (ik tara tune plays) KT remembers Nandini’s words and diverted his eyes, Neel ask KT to give Preeti her gift while he looks confus d, sushant reminds him about the gift he asked KT to give from their locker while KT rushes to being it, shivraj laughs. KT comes back and gives Preeti a box, Neel ask him to take out the necklace and make Preeti wear it, evryone gasp seeing the necklace and Neelima tries to move towards KT when shivraj stops her, later Kt asked preeti to remove the necklace which she is already wearing and made her wear the new one.

At that time kusum along with Priyanka and Juhi comes, they gets happy seeing it and Juhi runs towards preeti, they hugged each other with teary eyes. Neel keeps looking at Priyanka, while kusum gives gifts to everyone, Neelima mocks her that she don’t have a standard to gift them to which kusum replies that one should not see standard in gifts! KT looks at them while Shivraj praises her thoughts and accept the gifts but later Neelima gives it to the servant.

Priyanka gets Amit’s call who again accusses her character while she tries to explain him, Neel hears their conversation and ask Priyanka that how can she bear him? he advice her to get rid of him and even offers his help while Priyanka ask her not to interfere.

Preeti takes juhi to her room and Juhi asked preeti that how is she feeling? To which Preeti says that she is nervous! Juhi gets up from the bed and advice Preeti to not to be nervous and fullfill her duty as a daughter-in-law of this house, she tells exactly same thing which Preeti told to Juhi during her marriage, Juhi further says that preeti is so lovely that evryone will adore her and KT will always suppy her , she continues that god have gifted this marriage to her and ask her to be happy always, while Preeti laughs and gets emotional.

Nandini pampered herself with spa treatment when she got manager’s call who asked her that of she is extending her stay? To which she agreed and says she is extending for 7 days. Later she says that after 7 days she will go to KT’s house and smirks saying Preeti will take her their herself.

KT ask Neel about Preeti to which he says she left for the office, KT also reached there and sees Preeti, they had an eye lock. He says that she came without informing him? To which she says that she is always punctual and ask him to not mix their personal and professional life. KT looks at her saying she always astonish him, he further stammers saying that he thought she would left him after yesterday’s incident and then says that Nandini lied to her and ask her to believe him while she says that he himself confessed that he married only because of revenge. He tries to justify himself that he likes her but she stops him saying he have done a lot for her and so he don’t need to clerify himself.

At that time Sheena barged in congratulating them for the marriage while Preeti smiles and ask her to be professional in the office, to which she nods and then ask from which name Preeti will continue? To which both KT and Preeti said together Preeti Tibrewal and looks at each other. Sheena goes from there while KT says that it will take him some time to accept preeti as Preeti Tibrewal rather then Preeti partner. Later Preeti prays to god to help her in healing KT.

Preeti sees Nandini sitting in their office and questions her that how she came here? Nandini smirks saying his husband only called her! KT comes there and ask Nandini to give payment for her marriage, Nandini says that she didn’t get married at that Venue to which KT says that’s is not his problem and ask her to pay with tax, she agreed and gives him credit card while he says that they don’t accept cards and ask her to pay from check via indian bank, she gets annoyed and says that he knows she haven’t used Indian banks since 17years, preeti was about to interrupt but KT replied that is not their problem,

Nandini glares him saying she will send him payment and was about to go when she noticed Preeti’s necklace saying that it’s the same which KT gifted her during her mooh dekhai while KT looks on and Preeti gets shocked, Nandini moves to preeti saying she feels sorry for preeti as she always gets her leftovers including KT.

PRECAP:- Nandini declares that she will keep coming in between KT’s life. On the other side KT ask Preeti to remove the necklace while she says it’s okay, but he furiously removes it making her neck bleed.

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