Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th December 2020 Written Update: Sai taunts Virat about Pakhi

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Pakhi brings tea for Bhavani and Ninad. Shivani whistles as Viratt comes in and Virat taunts her. Virat takes blessing from everyone but only Ashwini hugs him. Karishma asks whats the matter why did you dress up so well? Ashwini says this is life Virat is ready for his wife and she is getting ready for Virat. Bhavani says neither am I interested in it and doesn’t seems Sai is otherwise she would have been here by now.

Virat asks Pakhi to bring Sai and help her get ready. He tells Ashwini to behave well with Pakhi as she is going through a very difficult time. Ashwini says I speak like this because it is necessary and I will continue doing so if it’s need. Usha says you have got a nice family get ready soon everyone must be waiting for you downstairs. Pakhi comes and tells she brought Gajra for her. Sai says I will wear it myself.

Pakhi tells everyone is waiting for her downstairs and Virat asked me to bring you so I will wait here till you are ready. Usha scolds Sai and asks her to wear Mangalsutra. Sai gets ready and Pakhi watches her. Ashwini tells Sai let us complete the rituals now. Virat and Sai sits on sofa. Shivani tells them to sit closer. Bhavani and Sonali taunts Sai that this is one sided as Sai is taking all the gifts. Usha gives a silver coin to Virat . Virat thanks her. Devyani takes coin from Virat. She says Virat doesnt need gift as he already has Sai.

.Devyani says my mother doesn’t let me get married. Sai asks Ashwini did something wrong happen with her. Bhavani scolds her and tells her there is no need for her to know. Virat thanks Pakhi and tells I trust Pakhi completely that is why I gave Sai’s responsibility to her. Virat says PMT results will be out soon and you will be admitted in Nagpur’s top medical collegd. Sai says I don’t need any help in studies. Moreever she isn’t a doctor how will she help me.

Virat says Pakhi is matured and will guide you,Virat says didn’t you find someone else to guide me. Shivani thinks one day Sai will definitely fit well in this house. Usha asks Sai to behave as this is her in laws house now. Sai says my father brought me up like this. If someone says ill about me I am going to speak. Virat asks is it necessary to click pictures.

Ashwini says yes because later these pictures will remind you of these days. Virat says it will stay in memories not in picture. Karishma and Shivani makes them pose romantically. Sai tells him when I will be gone you can remember me from these pictures and she can understand if he doesn’t want to take her responsibility. Virat tells you have to be matured to understand there is difference in taking responsibility and clicking pictures. Sai asks matured like Pakhi is this why you want her to guide me?

Precap – Bhavani tells Sonali to remind Ashwini that we need 5 married women for this ritual. Karishma asks are we counting Pakhi as married. Shivani asks Pakhi to come and help.

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