Lockdown Ki Love Story 4th December 2020 Written Update: Sonam’s shocking descion

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The episode starts with Dhruv warning Shobakant. He says he doesn’t want to hit his uncle but he can hit him if he further say something. He asks them to get out. Raghav says they have come to twist the knife in their wound. He leaves taking his family.

At hospital doctor checks Milky. He says to Milky’s dad he can discharge her. Milky’s dad says they will go to their house, there’s no need to go to Dhruv’s house to which Milky refuses. He asks to understand the matter, she already did very wrong with Dhruv’s family. Milky says Dhruv’s house is her house and she will go there. Milky’s cousin tries to convince her to go to her home. Milky questions him why he doesn’t make Dhruv understand to accept her condition. Milky’s dad leaves saying she’s going to regret her wrong deeds.

Police takes Shashikant and Nutan to the prison. The Jailer asks them to put in separate cell. Shashikant request to talk to Nutan. He takes her to a corner. Shashikant asks to stop whatever she’s doing using Milky. She wanted to send Sonam away from Dhruv and for the same she put her family inside the prison. She’s not going to get anything. He asks her to make Milky understand and do a mom’s duty. Nutan says she’s doing her duty and wants her son’s wellness. If Dhruv accepts Milky, he will forget Sonam within a week. She blames Sonam for everything.

Dhruv sees Ankita crying hugging her and Deeraj’s photo. Dhruv is pacing forth and back smoking. Sonam comes and throws the cigarette away. He says his parents and brother are in jail and Ankita is crying, but he can’t do anything. Sonam says she if had listened to him when he wanted to send her back to Mumbai, all this wouldn’t have happened.

That fight is different. She fought for her love and they saved their love, but this fight is for their family. She asks him to let go away from him. She asks permission to go back to Mumbai so that everything becomes normal. Dhruv asks if she’s kidding. Sonam says she’s serious and he has to listen to her. She says she loves him but they can’t sacrifice their family for their love. Dhruv asks if she wanta to leave him when he’s fully broken. he asks if she’s taking revenge on her.

Sonam says they have to sacrifice their love for family’s sake. Maybe that’s their destination. She asks him to accept Milky and let her go. Dhruv asks she will marry someone else if he asks. Sonam cries. He says how he can accept Milky when he loves her. When he was angry with her, he punished, but every time he felt like punshing himself. He will not lose her again. They’re not going to sacrifice their love. Sonam back hugs Druv.

Sonam says in love one has to do sacrifices. For his family’s happiness they have to sacrifice their love. She asks him not to fall weak for his family’s sake. Subhadra overhears them. Sonam continues saying he’s a warrior. A warrior should think first about others. Dhruv says she teaches about a worrier duty when she herself want to leave the fight in the middle.

A true warrior is the one who fight till the and encourages other warriors. He tells when he was kid he felt strange seeing Ardnarishwar photo. His dad told that Siva and Parvathi are incomplete without each other. That time he doesn’t understand his words but now he understood the meaning. Dhruv says she’s as vital as Parvathi is vital for Siva.

He adds they will fight, they will save their family as well as their love. Just then he receives lawyer call. He says to Sonam that he’s going to meet lawyer. He asks her to understand that he can’t live without her. He leaves. Sonam cries. Subhadra hugs her. Sonam cries saying how to make Dhruv understand that this fight will when she will go away from him.

The episode ends.

Precap :
Dhruv meets Shashikant. The latter tells to Dhruv to pay any price to marry Sonam. Deeraj says Milky doesn’t love him, so take her on his side by giving her as much money as she asks. Milky asks Sonam to decide soon. Dhruv says they made the decision.

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