Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Ashwini and Sai bond further as mother and daughter during rasam’s.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Virat asks Sai what is is she doing here? Sai says she was afraid so I came here for fresh air. Virat says I am really sorry for how my family members behaved with you so now I am telling you no need to bear any more insults or taunts you can give them reply just keep in mind the relations just don’t become angry young women.

Sai says I don’t care how others talk to me I dont have to spend my lifetime here. Pakhi cooks breakfast for everyone. She tells you that this is her father’s favourite food and today is his birthday. Everyone wishes him a Happy Birthday. Bhavani praises her and insults Karishma and Sai again.

Ashwini says you always say you don’t give anything without asking so no need to give any opinion about my daughter in law. Bhavani says I have not accepted this marriage so there would be no rituals. Ashwini says Virat took responsibility of that girl due to his duty and now I will fulfill my duty of being his mother by making his married life happt.

Ashwini says Sai is a really nice girl and one day she will rule on everyones heart. Pakhi asks her in just one day she knows so much about her. Ashwini replies it is her experience. She than tells Pakhi that she saw her with Virat at night when he was supposed to be with Sai,she asks her to respect the limits of their friendship. Sonali says maybe they were talking about Sai. Ninad asks Ashwink to think before saying. Ashwini says I am Virat’s mother and I know what he needs.

Karishma comes to wake up Sai. Sai says sorry as it’s late. Karishma asks her why is she sleeping on sofa instead of bed. Did Virat come to room or not? Karishma says there is not much difference between us but atleast my husband was with me. Virat tells Ashwini I already disappointed the elders by marrying now by doing this rituals I don’t want to disappoint them further. Sai comes down and tries to touch Bhavani and Ninad’s feet but they deny. Sai says even she is not interested in rituals as Virat doesn’t want it. Ashwini says it is for everyone’s hapiness.

Virat agrees and says I am saying yes because I don’t want any harm to come on my family. Sai thinks why does Virat agree even when his heart disagree. Ashwini says Sai is a little straightforward but very good. Usha scolds Sai for being openmouth. Ashwini explains the rasam to Sai. Sai says why can’t everyone be liks you in this house. Ashwini praises Sai and tells her she is very beautiful and everything will be ok with time.

Precap – Virat tells Sai that PMT results will be out soon and he would get her admitted in Nagpur’s best medical college. Virat says Pakhi will help you in studies, Sai asks why her? Is she a doctor? Couldn’t you find anyone else to help me?

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